nhsWhen you're a British expat in Spain, returning to the UK is a time to catch up with friends and family, sort out business and family affairs, and revisit old haunts. Usually you're returning to the UK for a holiday, so hopefully you won't have to see a doctor or access any NHS services during your visit.

However, the way you access the NHS has changed recently, so it is wise to be prepared, especially if you're a pensioner.

NOTE: If you currently have a Health Plan Spain Sanitas private insurance policy, you are automatically covered with international health insurance cover of up to 10,000 Euros per person, per claim when travelling abroad. You will also have a free 24 hour English speaking helpline at your fingertips if you are in need of any urgent assistance or advice.

antibioticsA recent Antibiotic Awareness Day, held on 18th November 2016, highlighted exactly how over-dependent on antibiotics Spain and the Spanish have become. In fact, it is apparent that many of us are completely ignoring the dangers of such over-reliance. While 26,000 people across Europe currently die every year from infections that are immune to antibiotics (such as new strains of tuberculosis) the scary fact is that by 2050, that figure could easily rise to 10 million worldwide. The problem is seen as so pressing, that in September 2016, the 71st UN General Assembly adopted a political declaration calling for a 'collaborative, global response to the threat of antimicrobial resistance'.

hidden-health-benefits-of-swimmingSwimming is the perfect sport to help you get fitter faster. It is also great for both physical and mental health, and anyone, regardless of experience, can access the sport regardless of their age or level of fitness and benefit from taking a dip. Given that you're exercising in water, you'll find that swimming is a low-impact sport and yet it provides excellent resistance work. Here's our 8 hidden health and fitness benefits of swimming.

1. Swimming Can Help Us To Reach Our Goals

Once you take up swimming regularly, you'll find that you're constantly wanting to improve. You might aim to do more laps than your previous session, or you may want to do faster laps. Swimming encourages you to be goal-oriented naturally. It's possible that you'll see this attitude transfer itself out of the pool and into other areas of your life too!