theresa-mayOn the 29th of March, Theresa May will trigger article 50 and commence formal negotiations with the other EU leaders in an attempt to create new trade agreements and safeguard the rights of around 1 Million Brits currently living within the EU.

For expats now living in Spain of which there are some 300,000, these are uncertain times with the futures of many Brits, uncertain. Important issues such as healthcare rights, freedom of movement and pensions are some of the most important factors expats need clarity on.

In recent days, there has been much positive news, especially coming from Spanish politicians who have expressed their views that UK expatriates should indeed retain their existing rights and benefits as provided under the current EU membership after Brexit.

Mercadona Supermarket SpainIt's always a good idea to research the cost of living of any country that you intend to move to. So if you're planning on starting a new life here in Spain in 2017 and beyond, take some time to factor in the cost of items you'll be paying out for each month.

While the economic situation has been steadily improving here in Spain and throughout most of Europe, the fact remains that most of us are still counting the pennies and we want to make what money we do have go that bit further. Read on to find a realistic outline of the cost of everyday items. Hopefully this will enable you to plan your budget more efficiently.

We've included on our list, many of the most common shopping items you would buy on a daily basis, but we've also incorporated other essentials such as what it will cost you to run a car, how much you could expect to pay for utility bills and what you might assume to pay for travelling or eating out.

clinica-ochoa-marbellaWhen moving to a new country, the language barriers can often be one of the biggest hurdles for us to overcome.

It's no secret that many expats who move to Spain are unable to pick up the Spanish language straight way and that it can take some time to get up to speed.

It's one thing to have problems getting what you want at the local supermarket or ordering the right dish in a restaurant, but quite another when it comes to conversing with a foreign doctor who does not speak the same language as you do.

In such situations, it's extremely important that when speaking to any medical practitioner that you are able to express yourself properly and understand what the doctor is saying to you during a consultation.