breath-testThe DGT traffic authority in Spain have announced an increase in alcohol spot checks in an attempt to crack down on the alarming increase in driving driving related deaths on Spanish roads.

Earlier this month, three more cyclists were killed and another 11 were badly injured after they were hit by drunk drivers.

As a result, the DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico) who are responsible for road safety in Spain, have announced that they will be taking a tougher stance on drink drivers and will be introducing an additional 130,000 alcohol and drug spot tests.

The checks will take place mainly on Saturday and Sunday mornings, the time when the majority of cyclists take to the country's roads.

Cycling Laws In SpainWith superb year round weather, Spain is the ideal country in which to hop on your bike and explore everything it has to offer.

Unfortunately, many of us are unfamiliar with the rules and laws that apply to cyclists here and the kind of fines that can be issued when such laws are not adhered to.

In Spain, bicycles are classified as vehicles and hence have to abide by similar rules and regulations that other vehicles on the road have to.

Although many of the cycling rules are self explanatory, a number of them are a little ambiguous and most definitely open to interpretation.

mortgage-agreementFirst time buyers who have struggled to purchase a home since the start of the financial crisis may finally be able to make some headway. The Spanish Ministry of Development has been drafting the State Housing Plan for the period 2018-2021. They have outlined 12 proposals in response to a public consultation and these will have an impact on national policy. One of the most ground-breaking of these is to offer relief for first-time buyers and struggling tenants.

Since the financial crisis began, banks across Europe have tightened up the criteria they use for mortgage-lending, and while housing has remained affordable in rural areas of Spain, first-time buyers have struggled to gain approval for a home loan. The maximum most people are offered is 80% of the house's value.