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Aedes AlbopictusMost people have been bitten by a mosquito in their lifetime, some of us more than others. Those annoying little critters leave people with numerous itchy bites, but in the process can also infect the individual with diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and in some cases, the Zika virus.

In the last few years, a new species of mosquito has made its way across the Mediterranean to Spanish shores; the Tiger mosquito (Aedes Albopictus).

Although originally a native of Southeast Asia, the Tiger has now established itself in other Mediterranean countries such as France, Italy, Greece and now here in Spain.

driving-test-spainHow to Take the Theory and Practical Exams and Get Your Spanish Driving License

If you live here in Spain and want to obtain your first driving license, you will need to take a driving theory and practical test as is the case in the UK and other European countries.

The procedure is relatively straight forward and comprises of five main requirements.

  • Register at your local DGT office
  • Prepare for the theoretical and practical exams
  • Sit the theory exam
  • Take some lessons with a driving school (Autoescuela)
  • Take the practical test

Note: To obtain a B class (passenger car) drivers license in Spain, you will need to be at least 18 years of age (16 for motorcycles).

University StudentsWhy Study in Spain?

Spain is a country that is rich in history and culture, and one that has a visible presence on the world's stage. Studying in Spain will prove enlightening for anybody seeking international study. With over 70 universities in the country, there are plenty of learning opportunities, within a well-organised educational system. You'll have plenty of chances to master the language too, and as the second most common language in the world, this will open your career opportunities immeasurably.

While you may choose to study in one of the major cities such as Barcelona or Madrid, it is worth considering other areas of Spain too. The country is full of galleries and museums and places of interest. There is much that is beautiful in Spain, with rich countryside and marvellous coastlines with bars, cafes and restaurants. Wherever you're a student, you'll have plenty of opportunity to travel and see the sights. The country is laid back and peaceful, and the Spanish are friendly and hospitable, so you're sure of a warm welcome.