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Cycling Laws In SpainWith superb year round weather, Spain is the ideal country in which to hop on your bike and explore everything it has to offer.

Unfortunately, many of us are unfamiliar with the rules and laws that apply to cyclists here and the kind of fines that can be issued when such laws are not adhered to.

In Spain, bicycles are classified as vehicles and hence have to abide by similar rules and regulations that other vehicles on the road have to.

Although many of the cycling rules are self explanatory, a number of them are a little ambiguous and most definitely open to interpretation.

moped-spainRiding A Motorcycle In Spain - Rules, Regulations and the Law

With glorious year round weather, Spain is the perfect place in which to ride a motorcycle. If you are living here permanently, or visiting for your holidays, you will need to understand the laws when it comes to riding a motorcycle.

So read our guide below and make sure you don't fall foul of the law.

What Motorcycles or Mopeds Can I Ride?

The driving licence that you hold and the codes on the back of it will determine the kind of vehicles you are permitted to drive by law.

car-keysThe following guide outlines the process of transferring ownership of a second-hand vehicle between two people in Spain.

Although some will prefer to hire the services of a Spanish Gestor in order to undertake this, it is quite simple to do yourself if armed with the correct documentation and if you are able to speak Spanish.

Create a Sales Contract

Firstly, the buyer will need to create a written sales contract between themselves and the seller of the vehicle which should include the date and time that they will become the new owner of the vehicle. Both parties will need to sign it.