Expat Tips

uk driving licences brexitFor British expats in Spain as well as UK drivers across the EU, British driving licences may no longer be valid after Brexit. This would mean that expats in Spain without a Spanish driving licence could be banned from driving.

Without an agreement in place after Brexit, both driving licences and vehicle registration documents from the UK will no longer be recognised in the EU. This means drivers could be banned and their cars will be considered unregistered and will be illegal to use. As well as affecting expats, this will mean that British holidaymakers may need a special permit to hire a car throughout the EU known as an IDP or International Driving Permit.

Semana Santa Procession MalagaIn Spain, Easter is not just resigned to Easter Sunday. Instead, the whole week that runs up to Easter Sunday is celebrated. This week is called Semana Santa, translated as Holy Week, and for Spain, it is the biggest religious celebration of the year.

When is Semana Santa in 2018?

In 2018, Semana Santa will begin on the 25th March and run up until Sunday 1st April which is Easter Sunday. Good Friday is a national holiday and Holy Thursday is a public holiday across Spain except for in Catalonia, Valencia and Cantabria.

Legal Professions SpainWhen it comes to using legal professionals in Spain, you want to make sure that you are contacting the right person for the right job. Below we have provided you with a helpful guide to the different legal professions here in Spain, how they are referred to in Spanish and their UK equivalent.

Understanding the Different Spanish Legal Professions


Abogado is the Spanish word for lawyer. However, in the UK the term abogado is the equivalent to a solicitor or barrister. Similarly, in the United States, an Abogado is commonly referred to as an attorney.