Optional Extras

The Healthplan Basic gives you comprehensive outpatient cover, including visits to GPs and specialists and a full range of diagnostic tests, from blood tests right through to MRI and CAT scans.

The Basic Plan comes with basic dental cover and €10,000 per person, per claim travel assistance if you have a medical emergency when you are overseas.

This plan is the perfect choice if you have Spanish Social Security cover, as it is a low cost way to rapidly access consultants and outpatient treatments. However, it will NOT cover you for hospitalisation or surgery. If you need a network plan with hospital cover, please check the HealthPlan Classic or the Mas Salud plan.

Please note: this policy is NOT suitable for residency / N.I.E. / Visa applications.

gtChoose from top professionals with 100% cover of medical fees, the use of over 40,000 specialists and 700 private clinics throughout Spain, for outpatient consultations, diagnostic tests and home emergency visits.

gtMulti-lingual client helplines manned by English and Spanish speaking operators.

gtPolicy documents can be in English or Spanish.

gtTravel assistance is included up to a limit of €10,000 per person, per claim. The service is provided by Europ Assistance, along with an emergency telephone number for you to call in case you need medical assistance whilst travelling.

gtWith Sanitas you have access to an extensive network made up of top professionals covering every aspect of your health, offering the best treatment and medical services available in Spain.

What is covered?

  • From only €16* per month you have access to a complete range of doctors and professionals on an outpatient basis.
  • Primary Medicine: General Medicine, Paediatrics, Nursing Services and emergencies.
  • Access to all medical specialties.
  • Diagnostic tests and therapies: Clinical Analysis, Human Pathology, Aerosol Therapy, Ventioltherapy and Chemotherapy.
  • PET/CAT – advanced technology permitting more precise diagnosis for the detection of tumours.
  • Foreign Travel Medical Assistance: in collaboration with Europ Assistance and up to a limit of €10,000 per person, per claim.
  • Basic Dental Cover: including checkups, x-rays, simple extractions and yearly teeth cleaning. All other services carry a 40% discount to market price and are applicable if you contract the full dental cover.
  • Total assistance throughout Spain using the latest technology and in the best hospitals like the Hospital Zarzuela, La Moraleja as well as our own Milenium Centres (over 100 throughout Spain), where you will receive preferential and personalised treatment.


  • A wide range of services with quality assistance and 100% outpatient cover for medical expenses using our Sanitas network of professional doctors and hospitals. We have over 40,000 specialists and 700 private Sanitas Health Centres throughout Spain.
  • We speak your language: A special medical network of doctors speaking English, German and Spanish and many other European / world languages.
  • Multi-lingual client helplines where you'll get super fast help for anything relating to your Sanitas Health Policy.
  • Documents are in English and Spanish: Documents like the Terms and Conditions and the Special Conditions that make up a part of your full policy documentation.

Yes. The Basic plan is a good entry level if you already have some Social Security cover. You will be able to see a doctor or consultant and have tests done very quickly and that´s using the best hospitals, clinics and high tech equipment available. No more waiting in social security hospitals..No more ending up at one place for one test and another place for another test - as your´e also able get all tests done under one roof AND on the same day. The Basic plan is also our most economical policy.

No. The Basic plan will only cover you inside of Spain and its Islands

Co-payments are like excesses and they are the amount that you must pay for certain services. The Basic plan co-payments are listed below. Co-payments are settled every 3 months on your account.

Emergency home visits
Sanitas 24 Hours
All other services


Pre-existing conditions relate to previous pathologies prior to the date of you contracting the Basic plan. If you have declared any pre-existing medical conditions on your application for the Basic plan one of our doctors will call you in confidence. From there a personal assessment will be made, which will guarantee the fairest and most comprehensive assessment of your health.

No. The Basic plan does not cover antenatal care or childbirth.

Within the Basic plan there are a few dental services including things like: Cleaning once a year, Consultations, X- rays and extractions. If you need more comprehensive dental cover then see whats covered with our full dental plans here

There are no waiting periods for the Basic HealthPlan policy except for high technology diagnostic tests which have a waiting period of six months. However, vital out-patient emergencies are covered immediately. Please note, the Basic Plan does NOT cover hospitalisation.

There is a contractual age limit of up to 74 years of age. After the age of 75 a one-off surcharge will initially be made when contracting the Basic Plan policy. there is no upper age limit for cover once contracted

Payment Frequency
Annual payment
Bi-annual payment

No. As a Basic plan member you will receive a Sanitas HealthPlan membership card. Each time you attend an appointment your card will be swiped at reception to record your visit and the details of any applicable co-payments.

*Prices vary depending on age and location. Terms and conditions apply.