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What Are The Most In-Demand Jobs In Spain For 2023? Expat Tips

Are you looking for a new career opportunity in Spain? Whether you're a recent graduate, considering a career change, or simply seeking new challenges, Spain offers a vibrant and diverse job market with exciting possibilities across a range of industries.

The ‘Jobs On The Rise 2023’ list is based on exclusive LinkedIn data and highlights the 25 positions that have experienced significant growth over the last five years. This list not only provides insights into long-term opportunities but also indicates the direction in which the job market is heading. Even if you are not actively looking for a job, this ranking can help you prepare for the future by identifying key trends.

In addition to showcasing booming jobs, this list is also a valuable resource for practical career information. By examining the most in-demand skills for each position, you can identify areas for growth and search for relevant LinkedIn learning courses to develop your skills. Job information, such as telecommuting availability, cities with the most hires, and years of experience, can also help you determine the factors that matter most to you when considering new opportunities.

If you want to redirect your professional career, this list can help you set goals by providing a comprehensive overview of the booming disciplines and industries with the most opportunities. By examining job openings and connecting with people in your network, you can take concrete steps towards achieving your career objectives. Additionally, you can dig deeper into each position by exploring testimonials from ‘Top Voices’ in the industry that interests you.

Ultimately, the 2023 Jobs on the Rise list offers valuable insights into emerging trends and is an excellent resource for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve. As the job market continues to evolve, we hope this list provides you with the information you need to navigate the changing landscape and pursue your career goals with confidence.

Below is a list of the most in-demand and growth jobs in Spain for 2023 along with a brief explanation of what the role involves.

  1. Sales specialist - Their responsibilities include attracting potential customers, overseeing various stages of the sales process, providing guidance to the team, and managing performance metrics.
  2. Account executive - They act as intermediaries between customers and various teams within a company, managing client relationships and addressing their needs effectively.
  3. Cyber security analyst - Cybersecurity experts are responsible for protecting computer systems, networks, and sensitive information from unauthorised access, theft, and damage. They use their technical knowledge and skills to prevent cyber-attacks, identify potential vulnerabilities, and develop strategies to mitigate risk.
  4. Growth manager - Their main objective is to drive revenue growth by generating leads, converting them into active customers, and reactivating previous customers while also minimising costs.
  5. Sustainability consultant - They assist companies in enhancing the integration and implementation of sustainability strategies and environmental considerations in their business models.
  6. Business development manager - Their role involves identifying, evaluating, and promoting new business opportunities to sell products or services to other companies. They design sales plans to effectively reach out to potential customers and work to maintain relationships with existing clients to keep them engaged and satisfied.
  7. Logistics expert - They are responsible for analysing and coordinating the logistics functions of the company, striving to find the most efficient, expedient, and cost-effective methods for transporting, storing, distributing, and delivering products.
  8. Customer Relationship Manager - They establish and maintain positive relationships with customers while ensuring that contractual terms and conditions are fulfilled. Moreover, they address any issues that may arise with the client across all departments of the company.
  9. Site reliability engineer - They specialise in optimising specific aspects of website and application performance, such as service levels. They measure and enhance factors such as request latency, availability, reliability, error rate, and overall system performance.
  10. Artificial intelligence engineer - AI and machine learning programmers create interactive applications that learn from dynamic systems and databases to achieve their programming objectives.
  11. Solutions engineer - They assess the technical and business requirements of clients and collaborate with network engineering, support, and operations teams to ensure projects are cost-effective, secure, and well-designed.
  12. Cloud systems engineer - They manage cloud systems, ensuring their security and accessibility, and oversee the digital migration of relevant processes to the cloud.
  13. Data Engineer - They design and manage big data information systems, optimising data storage and automating its distribution throughout the company. They ensure effective data recovery, monitoring, and control to support decision-making processes.
  14. Investment banking analyst - They analyse industries, companies, and economic sectors to provide investment advice on the best opportunities.
  15. Clinical trials manager - They oversee clinical trials for new treatments, from research to regulatory submission, ensuring compliance with protocols and regulations.
  16. Supply chain expert - Their role is to oversee and optimise supply chain processes, from procurement to distribution, with a focus on cost-saving and ensuring compliance with set timelines and procedures.
  17. Cybersecurity engineer - Their role involves safeguarding businesses from cyber threats and attacks by developing, maintaining, and monitoring security systems.
  18. Software engineering consultant - As software experts, they design, program and troubleshoot software applications, leading the development team and managing customer requests.
  19. Engineering manager - They manage a company's engineering department, overseeing tasks such as hiring, purchasing technologies or machinery, training team members, managing technology projects, and preparing budgets.
  20. Back-end developer - They are responsible for server-side implementation, designing and creating solutions to ensure requested actions within a web application function correctly.
  21. User experience researcher - UX researchers study and analyse user behaviors, needs, and motivations to improve the user experience of products or services. They also gather information about the company, its offerings, and competitors to inform design decisions.
  22. DevOps Engineer - They accelerate the delivery of solutions by collaborating with developers and ICT staff, and managing code releases. This involves integrating various processes, tools, and software development methodologies.
  23. Delivery Manager - They ensure the timely delivery of a program or function to clients while adhering to budget, resource, quality, and risk requirements.
  24. Platform Engineer - They design and deploy scalable cloud infrastructures, services, and workflows, either fully cloud-based or in a hybrid environment combining traditional and automated cloud services.
  25. Social media marketing manager - They develop and manage the social media and online presence for a company or brand by creating and implementing content strategies.

Source: LinkedIn