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Dash Cams In Spain - Are They Legal? Expat Tips

This is something many expats ask when they first move to Spain and are looking to use a Dash Cam while driving on Spanish roads.

The simple answer to this question is yes, Dash Cams or 'Dash Cameras' are completely legal here in Spain, but there are a few data protection laws and other legislation that you must consider when using one such as:-

  1. Dash Cams must be safely secured within the vehicle and like mobile phones and other tech devices, must not be touched whilst driving.
  2. Unless permission has been given, any footage must not be shared on social media if it contains identifying images of people's faces and vehicle number plates. Filming of police and security personnel is also prohibited.
  3. The Dash Cam must not restrict the driver's primary field of vision and should ideally be mounted behind the rearview mirror so as not to cause a distraction to the driver.

Different Kinds of Dash Cams

Dash Cams come in all shapes and sizes, offering varying capabilities with prices ranging from €30 to €300. Which one you plump for will depend on the functionality you require and the budget you have available.

  1. Front View Single Lens - Front view dash cams are generally no-frills, single-lens devices which will capture everything at the front of the vehicle. These kinds of devices are the perfect introduction to the world of Dash Cams and the right choice for those who want to see what it's all about, before splashing out on a more advanced model.
  2. Front and Rear View Dual Lens - These dash cams are very popular and have two built-in lenses which enable you to record both in front of the vehicle and to the rear simultaneously. Some also rotate allowing you to view out of a side window. A dual-lens cam will give you comprehensive coverage in and around the entire vehicle. Considering that many accidents will occur at low speeds and to the rear of the vehicle, it may well be advisable to spend a few extra Euros and go for a dual-lens dash cam for added protection.
  3. Cabin View - Cabin view dash cams allow you to film inside of the vehicle and are mostly used by taxis and private hire vehicle companies to monitor passenger behaviour for security purposes.

Why Install a Dash Cam?

There are many advantages to using a Dash Cam. One of the most obvious and probably the main reason that people use them is to protect themselves legally if a traffic accident or incident were to occur. Dash Cam footage can also be used by the authorities to identify and prosecute offenders.

Dash Cams also protect drivers for insurance purposes and can be used by insurance companies to settle disputes and identify fraudulent insurance claims, which seem to be an all too common occurrence these days.

Many incidents are not so clear cut and disputes between drivers can often arise. By installing a Dash Cam, you may be able to prevent the unnecessary loss of your no claims discount or insurance excess.

Installing a Dash Cam may even help to reduce your car insurance premium as several insurance providers offer discounts to drivers who have a Dash Cam fitted.

Do you use a Dash Cam here in Spain? How has it helped you? Please share your experiences via our Facebook page.

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