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Choosing the best health cover to suit your needs should be straightforward, but there can be many aspects to consider. On this page we help you to understand what is offered by our different plans so that you can decide which is best for you..If your question is related to a specific plan then you can find its own separate FAQ in a tab of its own (right next to the summary and cover tabs)

Yes, the contract is for 12 months. If you do not wish to renew you should advise us one month prior to renewal.

No, however, our Income Protection extra option would be able to provide this level of cover. This means that if you are hospitalised the option will pay you €60 per day AND from the first day of hospitalisation.

The following policies will cover you on a reimbursement basis outside of Spain: Complete Plan, Premium 500, Mas 90 and the Mundi 1 Million. International options may also be added to the Classic or Mas Salud plans

In this instance you may cancel your policy. Depending on how long you have been with Sanitas, you may well be able to transfer your policy to Bupa UK and or Bupa International.

Firstly, all of our health insurance plans start at the beginning of the month. On this basis we can process your policy up to two months prior to your move based on your chosen start date of the policy to suit your specific requirements. Please also remember to send us copies of your passports (as alternative identification if you dont hold N.I.E. status) along with your completed membership form.

The Complete Plan has an upper age limit of 75. The Classic plan and Basic Plan have no upper age limit, however, at age 76 there are surcharges to join and you must provide us with a medical report at your own expense.

For the Primero plan the maximum age is 75. The Mas 90 & Premium 500 plan have age limits set at 64.Contact us for full details.

The co-payments are like having an excess. So if you are a family that does not use the doctor very often, you will save yourself money on the premium, but just pay a little more if you need to use the insurance.

Medication is covered only whilst hospitalised. Vaccinations will be at your own expense.

The object of this insurance is to help you have full control of your health. So yes, if you wish to have a medical, then you are entitled to a "WellMan or WellWoman Checkup if you need one.

Yes, this is included, there is no age restriction, however, there is a 6 month waiting period. Recommendation for a gynaecologist is required

As per the terms and conditions whilst using our network. There are no waiting periods for outpatient visits.

Sterilisation or Vasectomy: 6 Months

Psychological treatment: 6 Months

Hospitalisation including labour: 8 Months

Hospitalisation with Surgery: 8 Months

Bariatric Surgery: 6 Months

The above waiting periods shall not apply to accidents covered by the policy, life threatening diseases diagnosed after the start date of the policy, or premature childbirth. These waiting periods do not apply to the "Complete plan".

Once you are happy with the price and level of cover, we can visit you to complete the application forms. Alternatively, please request the application form relevant to the cover chosen. Once you have filled in the form, please email it to us at or alternatively fax it to us on 951 244 267.

You can pay either by direct debit (Spanish Bank Accounts only) or by credit card. If you choose to pay by credit card then you are required to pay the whole year upfront.

Yes you can pay by bank transfer, however, you dont need to pay until we have issued you with a policy number. Once we have issued the policy number then we can inform you of the amount to be paid. Simply use your policy number as the bank to bank reference when ordering the bank transfer from your local branch. If this is your preferred method of payment please let us know and we will notify our Madrid office to issue banking instructions to you.

A. Please send the completed application form (which comes with your policy pack) together with

an original copy of the invoice.

If it is a matter of hospitalization and/or Doctors visit or therapy, please also include a

medical/pathological report from the doctor.

If the expenses originate from prescribed medication please use fill out the correct form for

this (included in your policy pack). Please send this form together with the prescription.

Please send these documents by post to:

Sanitas S.A. de Seguros
Attn. Dpto de Reembolsos
C/ Ribera del Loira, 52
28042 Madrid

Your specialist will tell you in a detailed medical report. Please send this together with the cost of the treatment to the address below at least seven business working days before you require the prescribed treatment to go ahead.

Sanitas S.A. de Seguros
Attn. Dpto de Reembolsos
C/ Ribera del Loira, 52
28042 Madrid

The terms and conditions of your policy come with your policy pack. If you do not have your terms and conditions then please contact us and we will arrange for a copy to be sent to you.

Please send a medical report 15 days before you require the prescribed treatment to go ahead. To carry out this service please request the form from us.

NOTE: These services are carried out by Sanitas on behalf of United Health Care .The medical expenses arising from these services will be 100% within the specified limits of the insured capital as set out in the Private Conditions of each individual reimbursement policy.

No, you will still be able to use the insurance on a re-imbursement basis depending on the type of policy chosen.

Only when you are admitted to a Social Security Hospital as an Emergency. Sanitas must be advised within 72 hours of your admission so that they can settle your bill and then transfer you to a private hospital if clinically possible.

Please ring HealthPlan or email us and we will send you confirmation of your policy. When you enter a clinic or hospital simply present the confirmation at reception and everything will be taken care of for you.

Once you fall pregnant you will be covered for all treatment from that moment on for Scans and childbirth after signing the policy, should you fall pregnant before taking out the policy,  you will still be covered for all scans and Doctors visits from day one of signing the policy , but you would not be covered for the childbirth. Sanitas also offer a childbirth supplement if you are already pregnant. Please contact us for further details and detailed information of this service.

Should you have a life threatening situation where you need to be hospitalised you are covered immediately. When your child is born you would have to take out a policy for him/her on the day of birth for them to be covered. As long as you  are residing in Spain , this will not affect having a policy with Sanitas.

Once a member of Sanitas you can apply for ASSISTED REPRODUCTION treatment with a discount. Contact us if you require this service.

Our health insurance policies include basic dentistry checkups which cover consultations, extractions, x-rays, diagnostic tests and teeth cleaning. These services are provided within the Sanitas Network. You can also take out the full dental cover on its own (this option has more services than basic level of dental cover that comes with your health insurance policy). All treatments under the Full dental plan carry a €3 co-payment. All other treatments carry a 40% discount against standard market rates.

The level of Dental cover in the Full dental cover includes the following:

  • General dentistry consultation, examination and diagnosis
  • Topical fluoridisation
  • Mouth cleaning, scaling
  • Dental sensitivity treatment
  • Fissure sealing
  • Surgical interventions
  • Simple extractions
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth
  • Extraction of root remains
  • Dressings
  • Minor surgery
  • Extirpation of epulis/small mucous cysts
  • Drainage of gingival/periodontal abscesses
  • Apicoectomies
  • Dental cysts
  • Orthodontic surgery treatment (per tooth)
  • Temporary fillings
  • Soft splints for bleaching

There is a €3 co-payment for each dental service used if contracting a policy with co-payments else the services are free (policy's without co-payments). You will also receive a discount of up to 40% for any other services provided by our associates in the network. The Mas 90 and Premium 500 plans also offer dental cover on a reimbursement basis. You can take out this cover on its own or receive an 11% discount on the premium if you are already a Sanitas health plan policy holder.

The minimum age to take out health insurance is 18 years of age. Applicants below this age need to be accompanied by an adult on the policy.

Please email us and we will send you the "beneficiary addition application" form. Alternatively, please download the form by clicking here. Simply complete the form and return to us by either email or fax. This process can take up to 1 working day to complete if the  new member has an N.I.E. and upto ten days to complete if the new member has a passport or pre-existing conditions. Once the process is finalised your addtional beneficarys' documents will be emailed to you and the hardcopy documentation will be posted to the residential address submitted on the "beneficiary addition application" form.

The temporary disability cover will pay €10 per day after day seven of any single instance of temporary disability. It also has a waiting period of 8 months and can be contracted at any stage to compliment your new or existing policy.

For all other enquiries / queries members please contact your english helpline phone number, this can be found on the back of your membership card.

Applicants please use our contact form here or contact our switchboard on 952 835 600.