Health Tips

hidden-health-benefits-of-swimmingSwimming is the perfect sport to help you get fitter faster. It is also great for both physical and mental health, and anyone, regardless of experience, can access the sport regardless of their age or level of fitness and benefit from taking a dip. Given that you're exercising in water, you'll find that swimming is a low-impact sport and yet it provides excellent resistance work. Here's our 8 hidden health and fitness benefits of swimming.

1. Swimming Can Help Us To Reach Our Goals

Once you take up swimming regularly, you'll find that you're constantly wanting to improve. You might aim to do more laps than your previous session, or you may want to do faster laps. Swimming encourages you to be goal-oriented naturally. It's possible that you'll see this attitude transfer itself out of the pool and into other areas of your life too!

Tai ChiWhere Does Tai Chi Come From?

Tai Chi (also known as Tai Chi Chuan) dates back to 13th-century China. It is a gentle form of martial art, that focuses on light movements and deep breathing, just like yoga. Relaxation and mindfulness make up part of the process. You practice Tai Chi by making slow, graceful movements, flowing from one to another. It looks simple but it does require flexibility, strength and balance - skills that you'll improve through repetition and commitment.

Tai Chi differs from most other types of exercise mainly because the emphasis is on relaxation of the muscles rather than tension. The joints are never fully extended or bent, and none of your muscles or tissues should come under any kind of strain.

child-watching-tvDo you consistently spend long periods of time sitting down? If so, you could be putting undue pressure on your body, which may result in chronic illness and ultimately, a premature death. When we sit for too long, we are said to be living a 'sedentary lifestyle' or a lifestyle with insufficient physical activity, and this can have a serious and detrimental impact on our overall health.

If you fall into this category, you're in good company. According to the World Health Organisation, up to 85% of the world's population does not get enough physical activity. This lack of physical activity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality!