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theresa-mayOn the 29th of March, Theresa May will trigger article 50 and commence formal negotiations with the other EU leaders in an attempt to create new trade agreements and safeguard the rights of around 1 Million Brits currently living within the EU.

For expats now living in Spain of which there are some 300,000, these are uncertain times with the futures of many Brits, uncertain. Important issues such as healthcare rights, freedom of movement and pensions are some of the most important factors expats need clarity on.

In recent days, there has been much positive news, especially coming from Spanish politicians who have expressed their views that UK expatriates should indeed retain their existing rights and benefits as provided under the current EU membership after Brexit.

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Gibraltar BorderWith the referendum on whether or not the UK remains within the EU now decided, it's important that expats currently living in Spain understand the implications of the UK leaving.

With a total of 51.9% of the British public voting to leave the EU, many Brits living in Europe have now been left in a state of limbo almost overnight, with many of us uncertain about our futures.

According to official figures, there are 761,000 Brits living in Spain and some 1.3 million living in the EU. How will they be affected? 1

If you've been watching the UK news over the last few months you will have seen and heard an abundance of spin and scaremongering from both the remain and leave camps.

The Remain camp warned us of economic doom and gloom if the UK left, with the Leave camp focusing more on the effects of mass immigration into the UK and the strain on public services. But who's right? Or is it all a load of subjective political propaganda?

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Holiday Villa SpainFinally, after three years of speculation, Andalucia has announced its new regulation of tourist accommodation in its Official Bulletin of the Andalucian Government (BOJA). The new regulations require property owners to register their holiday homes, meet a number of stringent requirements and hold a license. Inspections will be undertaken, and those who do not comply will be subject to large fines. Similar regulation was implemented in Catalonia in 2014

Under the terms of the Decree, and Law 13/2011, of Tourism in Andalucia, landlords must register their properties from the 11th of May 2016. The registry will not be operative before the 11th of May, meaning landlords have a three-month deadline in order to gather together all of their paperwork. The Junta de Andalucía has signalled its intention to hold public awareness campaigns in order to clarify the new law. The decree comes into force just as the tourism season starts and will regulate many thousands of transactions between owners and tenants.

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children seatbelts spainThe regulations for driving with children in Spain are changing in October 2015. From the 1st of the month new regulations (Royal Decree 667/2015) will come into effect that will simplify the existing law while increasing the safety and protection of minors (children under the age of eighteen).

The new regulations are based on the child's height and the seat they occupy in the vehicle and aims to reduce the severity of injuries they might suffer in the event of an accident. If you intend to drive with children as your passengers in the future you should make a note of the changes and take action now so that you're ready for the changes.

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