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Schengen VisaSouth Africans wanting to travel to the EU, may face more stringent requirements and longer turnaround times when applying for a Schengen visa. For some countries within the EU, including Spain, conditions have recently been tightened. High-risk nations, such as South Africa are facing stricter visa restrictions in countries such as Spain because of the introduction of a new visa facilitation company.

BLS International Services have taken over from VFS Visa and Permit Facilitation Centre, and with this, have imposed additional requirements in keeping with their own high standards of visa facilitation. In Spain, turnaround time has also increased due to specific documents needing authorisation by the Spanish police.

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brexit-transitionBritish people living in Spain and across the EU are growing increasingly concerned of the outstanding issues yet to be confirmed by Brexit. The EU has recently announced that citizen rights for British expats and EU citizens in Britain will be extended for the transition period of Brexit. This transition period will start from the 29th March 2019, the official Brexit day and finish on the 31st December 2020. However, the rights of citizens after the transition period have yet to be decided.

The recent transition period announcement made it clear that EU citizens arriving to the UK during the transition will have the same rights as those who came before Brexit. It also confirms that British citizens moving to the EU will have the same rights and guarantees as people who have already made the move. This is a dramatic turnaround as Theresa May initially said those moving in the transition period would not enjoy the same rights.

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Irish property investors in SpainOver 60,000 Irish investors are finally able to claim their money back after losing millions in the Spanish property market crash. After over a decade and countless legal hearings, the Spanish Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that Irish investors could start claiming their cash back directly from the banks.

Many investors were previously pursuing the property developers themselves to claim back the money they invested. However, the task was fruitless as most of the developers had already been declared bankrupt. It was not until 2012 when a group of investors noticed legislation that could help, dating back to the 1968 dictatorship of General Franco. This legislation requires that banks in Spain are held liable for lost deposits in the country.

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Buying property in Spain after BrexitMany Britons dream of escaping to the sun by buying a property in Spain, to live in permanently, or to use as a holiday home. However, with the implications of Brexit, will people in the UK still be able to buy a place here in the Spanish sun?

Currently, negotiations are being fiercely fought, to get every aspect ironed out before the official Brexit deadline day, which is currently the 29th March 2019. However, things are still unclear as there has been no formalised agreement for British expats living in Spain. For a start, we do not know how free movement of people will be affected.

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