Sanitas International Students plan

Our International Students plan provides comprehensive medical cover for foreign students studying here in Spain. This plan meets all the requirements necessary for your visa application should you need one to enter Spain.

When you apply for a VISA to study in Spain the standard requirements are:


gtMeets the minimum requirement of $30k or its Euro equivalent.

gtNo deductibles and no co-payments.

gtNo qualification periods to use services.

gtRepatriation to the home country of the insured.

The Sanitas International Students Plan is an all round policy and includes General Practitioner and specialist consultations, diagnostic tests, outpatient surgery, inpatient surgery and general hospitalisation. Additionally the plan includes free Dental21 dental cover and travel assistance for medical emergencies when abroad.

The plan is a network policy, so you choose your doctors and hospitals from our extensive network of providers and everything is taken care of. There is no need to make claims or fill out forms and nothing to pay when you use services, leaving you free to concentrate on your studies and to enjoy your time here in Spain!

What is covered?

  • Primary healthcare (equivalent to GP services), including general medicine, nursing services, emergencies.
  • Access to all medical specialties.
  • Dental 21, giving you a strong foundation of cover for those precious teeth.
  • Diagnostic tests and therapies.
  • Surgery. Both inpatient and outpatient
  • High tech therapies including rehabilitation sessions, cancer treatments, respiratory therapies, radiotherapy etc.
  • Minimally invasive cardiac testing and laser surgery.
  • Psychology services.
  • Access to specialist units providing diagnostics for genetic conditions.
  • A single room with a bed for your visitor when hospitalised (except for Psychiatric hospitalisation).
  • Repatriation to your home country in case of death


  • Sanitas Respond: There is a free, personalised health advice and suppport hotline if you have a medical condition that requires regular followups or ongoing care.
  • Sanitas Welcome: 24 hour support where you can resolve any administration queries.
  • Sanitas 24 hours: With just one call you can arrange a consultation with a medical professional, to discuss any doubts or questions you may have regarding you or your family´s health.
  • Emergency overseas travel assistance: In collaboration with Europ Assistance, up to a maximum of €12,000 per person, per claim.
  • Second medical opinion: The most prestigious international professionals are within reach when you are suffering from a serious illness such as cancer.

No. The Students plan will only cover you inside of Spain and its Islands

Co-payments are like excesses and they are the amount that you must pay for certain services. The Students plan has No co-payments

Pre-existing conditions relate to previous medical history prior to the date of purchasing the Students plan. If you have declared any medical history on your application then one of our doctors will call you in confidence. From there a personal assessment will be made, which will guarantee the fairest and most comprehensive assessment of your health.

The Students plan comes bundled with Dental 21. For more details on this policy please click here

Initially you may contract this policy from 18 up to the age of 35.

If you pay yearly there is a 4% discount

(1) Premiums valid until 31/03/2018. all premiums vary slightly depending on the age and location of the insured. Consultation in the General Terms and Conditions of the Students plan product detail. ( * ) Terms and Conditions Apply