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Since 2004, our sole purpose has been to support the healthcare needs of all foreigners, expat individuals, families and businesses throughout Spain. Our broad range of health insurance plans are made to protect what really matters. From award winning cover to an English speaking 24/7 support team, we are helping thousands get the expert care they deserve. HealthPlan and Sanitas customers enjoy premium benefits and service, both at home and around the world.

That includes the freedom to choose direct access to some of the best doctors and hospitals globally.

Our individual private health insurance solutions offer a nationwide network of doctors and hospitals and lets you choose where and when you get your treatment. It's the fast, focused way to get better.

No fluffed up office

Physical offices are now a thing of the past. We offer a seamless digital experience so we can be with you, always.

World-class service

24 hour online service and expertise plus special English speaking support teams that speak your language.

Experience matters

We aim to keep our customers happy and well, we've been doing this for eons, and nothing else.


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Over 54,000 medical professionals and 4240 medical centres throughout Spain


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