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The good news is that when you have held a policy under any part of the BUPA group, for one year or more, you are entitled to transfer your policy with full continuation of cover and no new exclusions, to Sanitas.

BUPA Transfer Q&A

What documents do you require to arrange the transfer?

We will require you to request an International Transfer Form (ITF) from BUPA . This is completed by BUPA with all the information concerning your existing BUPA Policy. You then forward the form to us and we take care of the rest.

Do I need to undergo a medical before the transfer can be arranged from BUPA?

No, only a statement of any pre-existing conditions (medical history) is required.

Will I have to wait a long time to continue my healthcare?

No, as long as the applications are complete and satisfactory, the transfer will take place within 14 days from the date they are received.

If I already have exclusions on my cover, what will happen?

These will be carried over from your BUPA policy, to your Sanitas policy.

Can I include additional members when I transfer the policy?

Unfortunately no, it is necessary to be included on an existing BUPA policy in order to be part of a transfer. New members can still be included in the same plan but will not have the transfer benefits applicable to their cover.

I am already undergoing treatment with BUPA; will this be cancelled if I transfer?

No, your cover will continue, and so will your treatment.

If I am pregnant when I make the transfer, will I be covered?

If your BUPA policy covers you for your pregnancy, then this service will be transferred to Sanitas.

If my BUPA membership has expired, can I still transfer to Sanitas?

No, unless your premiums are paid up to date and there has been no break in your health insurance cover, you may not make a transfer.

Will you send my new documents to me in my home country if I am still there?

All documents are sent by email only. However, to become a Sanitas member, your policy must be registered to a Spanish address.

What else do I need to do to make sure the transfer is completed?

Nothing at all – provided you submit all the required information when you apply for the transfer.

What if I want to go back to the UK, can I reverse the transfer?

Yes of course. The requirements remain the same – i.e. that your premiums are paid up to date and that you have not had any break in your cover. Simply get in touch with BUPA UK or BUPA Global and your transfer back will be arranged.

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