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Hair Loss

We'll provide you with custom surgical and cosmetic solutions to put a halt to hair loss immediately. Our consultants will undertake an initial consultation and diagnosis plus cosmetilogical treatment, complemented with hair hygiene products. Read More


With our many years of experience in providing quality healthcare, Sanitas understand the needs of you and your baby and will help you to take care of yourself, right from the start of your pregnancy. Read More

Ocular Laser Surgery

With the advanced technology of Laser Excimer, you can wave goodbye to your long-sightedness, shortsightedness and astigmatism problems forever. All it requires is a simple operation, which is both accurate and safe and does not require a general anaesthetic or hospitalisation. Read More

Assisted Reproduction

Our Assisted Reproduction Treatment helps you to realise your dream to become parents. We offer you the latest in assisted reproductive techniques, in the most advanced centres in Spain and with the top specialists. Read More

Umbillical Cord STEM Cell Reproduction

Infertility is indicated when no pregnancy has occurred after a year of having regular intercourse without using contraception. Read More

Why Sanitas?

At this special time, it is very important to be treated at the best centres and by professionals with proven experience. With Sanitas, your treatment is tailored to your needs and is provided by the market leader in healthcare in Spain. Read More

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