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REVEALED: The ONLY Scenarios Where You Should Be Using Your Car Horn In Spain Expat Tips

We all love to drive, however, if you are new to driving in Spain, you may find that some of the rules are different from what you may be used to in your home country. When it comes to using your car’s horn, there are only a few scenarios in which it is legal to do so. For example, you may...

Spain To Offer Free Long Distance Buses In 2023 Spain News

Long-distance buses that are part of Spain’s concession network will be completely free for the entirety of 2023. The new measure was confirmed...

Price Cap On Cost Of Gas Purchases Proposed By The EU For 2023 Spain News

The European Commission has put forward a proposal to limit excessive gas prices following months of pressure from EU countries. The news came on...

Spanish Government Agrees To Keep Limiting Rent Increases Throughout 2023 Spain News

The Spanish government has announced that it will continue limiting the amount landlords can increase the rent of their tenants by a maximum of 2...

How Do I Get My Social Security Number In Spain? Expat Tips

This is a question many people will ask when moving to Spain, starting a new job, or setting up a new business. Below we cover everything you need...

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