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15 Year Voting Rule Lifted For UK Expats Living In Spain Spain News

Starting January 16th, British citizens residing in Spain will once again have the opportunity to register for voting in UK national elections. The long-standing restriction, known as the "15 years away rule," imposed in 2002, barred UK nationals living outside the country for more than 15 years...

Travel documents with plastic white plane on top Holidaymakers Warned Of Expiring EHIC Cards With Four Million Brits Affected Spain News

British travellers heading to the EU or Switzerland this year are being advised to perform a crucial health insurance check before embarking on their...

Women holding tissue to mouth and nose The 7 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat If You Have A Cold Or Flu Health Tips

As winter progresses and with many having gathered together to celebrate the festive season, concerns in Spain over infections such as colds and flu...

How Can I Check When My Pension Will Be Paid In Spain? Expat Tips

The Spanish pension system is compulsory and relies on contributions to the national social security framework. Foreign residents employed in Spain...

Spain Reinstates Nationwide Mandatory Mask Use Across Healthcare Facilities Health News

In response to a surge in flu cases and the threat of respiratory viruses, Spain's Ministry of Health has announced the reinstatement of mandatory...

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