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How Can I Check When My Pension Will Be Paid In Spain? Expat Tips

The Spanish pension system is compulsory and relies on contributions to the national social security framework. Foreign residents employed in Spain can also access a Spanish pension, provided they fulfil specific criteria. Reforms implemented in 2013 aimed to elevate the state pension age in...

Prórroga de Estancia: How Brits And Third-Country Nationals Can Stay In Spain For Longer Than 90 Days Expat Tips

In the wake of Brexit, British citizens find themselves subject to new travel regulations in Europe, limiting their stay in Spain to 90 days. However,...

Self employed business woman looking at paperwork Changes Affecting Spain's 3.3 Million Self-Employed In 2024 Expat Tips

Next year 3.3 million self-employed ‘Autonomous’ workers in Spain, are poised for significant adjustments, encompassing alterations to social...

How Can I Learn Basque, Catalan, Galician, Or Valencian In Spain For Free? Expat Tips

Spain, renowned for its flamenco beats and architectural marvels, is equally celebrated for the linguistic diversity that defines its various regions....

What Are The Most In-Demand Jobs In Spain For Securing A Work Visa? Expat Tips

Situated in the southwest of Europe, Spain provides opportunities amid a vibrant cultural heritage and a robust economy. Ranking as the fourth most...

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