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Prórroga de Estancia: How Brits And Third-Country Nationals Can Stay In Spain For Longer Than 90 Days Expat Tips

In the wake of Brexit, British citizens find themselves subject to new travel regulations in Europe, limiting their stay in Spain to 90 days. However, a crucial avenue for extending this period exists for third-country nationals - the "Prórroga de Estancia."

It is important to understand that this legal provision only permits individuals from non-EU countries, including UK citizens post-Brexit, to extend their stay in Spain under exceptional circumstances.

This article will comprehensively explore the current restrictions for third-country nationals in Spain, the intricacies of Prórroga de Estancia, eligibility criteria, the application process, associated costs, and post-application expectations.

What are the current restrictions in Spain for third-country nationals, including UK citizens?

Since Brexit, British citizens are now considered third-country nationals, facing limitations on spending more than 90 days in any 180 days at a time in Spain. Prórroga de Estancia becomes a vital consideration for those seeking to extend their stay beyond this standard duration.

What is a Prórroga de Estancia?

Prórroga de Estancia serves as an extension beyond the standard 90 days, available for third-country nationals, including UK citizens, under exceptional circumstances such as humanitarian, family, public interest, or medical grounds. This provision is governed by Organic Law 4/2000 and its regulations, emphasising the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain.

Key Requirements and Documentation for Prórroga de Estancia

Prórroga de Estancia caters to third-country nationals, including UK citizens post-Brexit, seeking an extension beyond the standard 90-day stay in Spain.

The eligibility criteria and required documents encompass the following:

1. Eligibility Criteria:

  • Exemption from Visa: Applicants must be third-country nationals exempt from a visa for entry into Spain.
  • Exclusion from EU, EEA, or Switzerland: The extension is specifically designed for individuals outside the EU, European Economic Area, or Switzerland.
  • No Entry Prohibitions: Applicants should not be subject to any entry prohibitions.
  • Financial Means: Ability to demonstrate sufficient financial means to support the extended stay.
  • Travel Medical Insurance: Mandatory possession of valid travel medical insurance for the entire duration of the stay.
  • Return Guarantee: Must provide assurance of returning to the UK or another third State, substantiated by a return plane ticket.

2. Required Documents:

  • Completed Application Form: Official application form (modelo EX-00) in duplicate.
  • Passport or Travel Document: A valid passport or travel document with an expiration date beyond the intended extension period.
  • Financial Documentation: Proof of sufficient financial means, such as cash or travellers' checks.
  • Travel Medical Insurance: Documentation confirming possession of travel medical insurance with validity equal to or greater than the requested extension.
  • Return Guarantee: Evidence of the intention to return, such as a plane or train ticket with a fixed return date.
  • Justification for Extension: Documentation supporting the exceptional reasons for which the extension is requested.

Note: When submitting documents from other countries, translation into Spanish is required. Additionally, all foreign public documents must be legalised by the Spanish Consular Office or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation.

These key requirements and documentation guidelines are crucial for third-country nationals, particularly UK citizens, navigating post-Brexit travel regulations in Spain and seeking an extended stay through Prórroga de Estancia.

How to apply?

  • Electronic Application: Utilise the Mercurio app for a streamlined and efficient application process.
  • In-person Application: Submit applications in person at Immigration Offices or Police Stations before the authorised three-month period expires.

What is the cost of the Prórroga de Estancia?

Applicants, including UK citizens, must pay extension fees before submitting documentation. Fees can be processed through form 790 code 052 at Immigration Offices or form 790 code 012 at Police Stations.

At the time of writing, the fee was 17.49 euros.

What happens next?

If granted, the extension will be recorded on the passport or travel document. If denied, UK citizens and third-country nationals, must leave Spain within the specified timeframe.


This guide underscores the significance of Prórroga de Estancia for third-country nationals, emphasising its applicability to third-country nationals and UK citizens post-Brexit. By understanding eligibility criteria, compiling necessary documents, and following the application process, individuals can navigate extended stays in Spain within the new regulatory landscape.