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Spain Extends Travel Restrictions For Third-Country Nationals Until May 3 Spain News

The Spanish government announced on Tuesday that it would be extending the current travel restrictions on third-country nationals entering Spain. This new law will operate until May 3, 2021, but could be extended if the highly infectious countries do not contain the spread of the virus.

Sunbeds in Spain Will Spain Be On The UK's Green List? Spain News

As the UK Government confirms that a traffic light system will come into force this year when international travel is permitted, the question everyone...

Burglars and squatters using glue to identify vacant homes Spanish Police Warn Of New Trick Burglars And Squatters Are Using To Identify Vacant Properties Spain News

Spain’s National Police have warned of a new trick being used by burglars and squatters, to tell whether a home is vacant or occupied. In a...

Glass jar with pension savings British Expats See Pensions Rise As New Rates Come Into Force Spain News

From Monday, April 12, British pensioners will see their incomes rise by 2.5%, as state pension rates are increased by The UK’s Department for Work...

Driver and passenger wearing a mask Spain's Traffic Authority Clarifies Rules For Wearing Masks In Cars Spain News

Spain’s General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has set the record straight on wearing masks in cars. Over the last few days, rumours have been...