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Assisted Reproduction

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Available to clients and non clients of Sanitas *

Our Assisted Reproduction Treatment helps you to realise your dream to become parents. We offer you the latest in assisted reproductive techniques, in the most advanced centres in Spain and with the top specialists.

Today, infertility is a problem that affects approximately 20% of couples, but there is a solution in most cases thanks to assisted reproduction. Assisted reproduction involves the use of a reproductive biology laboratory, where the eggs and / or sperm are treated to improve their ability to fertilise and embryos are cultivated to improve their implantation.

With Sanitas, thousands of couples and women have become pregnant by using our fertility treatments. Call us, you're in good hands.

With Sanitas the advantages are:

  • First consultation free, without obligation, valued at approximately 120€, when the doctor will examine your case.
  • 10% savings on the average market cost of the service.
  • Financing at 0% interest during the first year.
  • A set price with complete courses of treatment, including consultations with your specialist, biological and gynaecological treatments, and all the monitoring and tests required during pregnancy.
  • All the main techniques in assisted reproduction are available: artificial insemination, IVF, ICSI, sperm and egg bank, etc.
  • A great choice of centres and specialists, whose professionalism and experience guarantee you the peace of mind that you need when choosing your treatment.

*There is no need to hold a Sanitas policy in order to have access this service.


Each of the problems that affect natural reproduction has a specific treatment, which in many cases can be limited to prescribing certain drugs, or undergoing simple surgery to correct anatomical defects. When the couple's problems are unable to be solved by simple medical or surgical treatment, then the following assisted reproduction techniques may be used, following medical advice:

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