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Hair Loss

A problem that is widespread throughout the western world.

Hair Loss problems in today's stressful societies affect both men and women.

  • Approximately 35% of people in western society are at risk of losing their hair.
  • Typically around 64% of patients are men in the early to moderate stages of hair loss.
  • An increasing number of women (36%) have started to use hair loss treatment for aesthetic reasons.

Sanitas offers you the best solutions in order to prevent, tackle and solve hair loss:

  • Hair loss treatments: Designed to prevent and to restrain hair loss, as well as regulating the function of the scalp. This will effectively promote prevention, correction and regeneration, with careful maintenance along the way.
  • Hair replacement systems: Prosthesis hair made to size from natural hair, which will permanently cover areas of baldness in men and lack of volume in women.
  • Micro Hair transplantation: Surgically redistributing the hair from a defined area of growth (back and sides of head) to an area where hair loss is prominent.


Providing you with the best solutions to prevent hair loss and to promote re-growth!

We'll provide you with custom surgical and cosmetic solutions to put a halt to hair loss immediately. Our consultants will undertake an initial consultation and diagnosis plus cosmetilogical treatment, complemented with hair hygiene products. The latest technology, minoxidil and finasteride are incorporated along with the necessary medical supervision required. In addition, we offer specific treatments for other hair problems, providing solutions for every type of preventive or corrective issue, even in existing areas where the loss is apparent.

Techniques that are applied in our Hair loss Treatments

We combine both technical and manual techniques using the latest technology available in the world:

  • Ozone Therapy: A technique that uses an ozone agent with powerful antioxidant properties, which help stabilise hair roots and subsequently regenerate new hair growth with amazing results.
  • Cupping Treatment: This type of therapy creates a suction that penetrates through scalp tissue causing the release of toxins. It also removes excess androgen Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is the primary cause of hair loss in men.
  • Regenerative Therapy: This stimulates the blood flow to the scalp and eliminates any existing toxins. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic procedures are then used to stimulate the re-growth of new hair.
  • Laser (LLLHT): Laser hair therapy works by stimulating the scalp follicles, increasing the blood flow and blocking the hair loss effects of DHT. It also produces fast formation of collagen and acceleration of the lymphatic system, which in turn brings about the formation of new capillaries.
  • High Frequency: A high frequency current which stimulates the surface of the scalp and therefore improves the process of nourishment, stimulates blood circulation, stimulates local glandular activity, supplies heat and is soothing to the nervous system of the scalp.
  • Vapour Therapy: Highly recommended to combat against dandruff and dry mistreated hair.
  • Infrared: This machine sends out infra red light and eliminates all harmful wave lengths in the infra red spectrum, leaving frequencies that stimulate the tissue and regenerate the hair follicle.


  • Substantially increases sanguineous irrigation.
  • Stimulates circulating liquids and secretions.
  • Improved hair nutrition.
  • Decreases tension from carbonic acid and the level of tissue acidosis.
  • Homogenously increases the internal temperature and eliminates fat.
  • Maintains healthy, smooth, shiny hair.


The best systems to add more volume to your hair and the best solutions for covering baldness in a natural way.

Hair integration systems allow us to add the amount of hair that you wish, to size, by means of prosthesis and with natural hair. In women, our proven hair systems give volume to a thin head of hair, with natural results and without needing a radical change of image. In men, the prostheses generally cover the thin or bald areas, combating the effects of the hair loss.

The method works by integrating natural hair of identical texture and colour, into the client´s hair.  This is achieved by taking samples of your hair and then studying it in our laboratory in order to identify hair of the same colour, texture and general appearance.

Advantages of the Hair Integration Systems:

  • The integrated hair is permanent, fixed and is not identifiable alongside your own, natural hair.
  • You can carry on with all your normal activities including sport and swimming.
  • They do not require surgery.
  • They can be implemented and adapted progressively.

Hair Transplants

The best way to reclaim your own hair

Presently, the hair micro graft is the most advanced surgical solution to reclaim lost hair.

  1. Firstly, the patient is examined to check that the transplant is feasible.  If this is the case, then the area is designated for repopulation.
  2. During the operation, the surgeon extracts a small section of skin with hair from the back of the head, from an area where the genetic likelihood is that the hair should remain active for the patient´s lifetime.  This is then implanted in the area to be repopulated taking into account the angle and direction of growth of the original hair, in order to achieve a natural and aesthetically perfect result.
  3. Within 2-5 months hair will begin to grow normally in the repopulated area, while maintaining the characteristics of the hair from the donor area.

Additionally, transplants by micro graft can be used to repair hair loss in trauma areas in both adults and children, such as burns, scars etc., as well as in other areas of the body such as the beard or eyebrows.

Advantages of Hair Micro graft Treatment:

  • The most advanced surgical solution to reclaim your own hair.
  • The result is of natural appearance and treats a specific area.
  • Surgery can take place and be finished in 3 hours.
  • The surgery can be undertaken without hospitalisation or the need for a general anaesthetic.
  • The procedure has great success in dealing with areas affected by a trauma, such as scars and burns.

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