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Spain's health ministry Spain Records Lowest Number Of COVID-19 Deaths Since August Health News

The month of May saw the lowest number of Covid-19 deaths in Spain since August of last year.

Although the figures for last month were lower, 1,731 people still lost their lives to the virus.

This shows that even though the fatality numbers are down, the pandemic is still far from over and people still need to follow all of the necessary safety precautions that are in place to allow the numbers to continue to fall.

To date, the Health Ministry figures show that the continuing Covid pandemic has sadly claimed an astonishing 80,000 lives in Spain. However, this number could be significantly higher, as at the start of the pandemic there was a shortage of testing.

Numbers have however been gradually falling over the last few weeks, as the Ministry figures show that on Monday 48 deaths were recorded. The previous three Monday’s saw between 91 and 103 deaths.

The director of the Health Ministry’s Coordination Center for Health Alerts (CCAES) Fernando Simón, spoke about the ongoing pandemic saying that: “progress of transmission is stable and it is very likely that it will hold steady in the coming weeks.

Health experts say that they consider the falling rate of infections to be unstoppable. This is mostly because of the rapid progress that Spain is making with its vaccination programme.

In the last week alone over two million people were vaccinated, with a total of around 18 million people so far receiving at least the first dose of the vaccine and 19.4% having received the full protection offered by a Covid-19 vaccine.

Those in the ‘most-vulnerable’ category have been largely protected, with 95% of people over 60 having had at least one dose of the vaccine. Regional governments are now completing the immunisations of those in their 60s and are calling in those aged between 50 and 59.

At present, 38 per cent of the Spanish population have been vaccinated and each day this figure is climbing.

We have made progress in the pace of vaccination, but we cannot afford the slightest pause or show too many signs of complacency,” warned Daniel López-Acuña, a former director of emergencies at the World Health Organization (WHO).

By the end of this week, Spanish authorities are aiming to have 10 million people fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The current figure is 9.4 million, with a delivery of 4.6 million vaccine doses (the largest to date) expected to arrive in the next few days.


Image Credit: La Moncloa