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Junta de Andalucia Lowers Covid-19 Vaccination Age From July 15 Health News

The Junta de Andalucia rolls out vaccines to those born between 1993 and 1996 from today, July 15.

Anyone who turns or has turned 25, 26, 27 or 28 in 2021, will from July 15, be able to book a date for their first Covid vaccination.

The Junta is intensifying its campaign to help contain the rise in Covid infections among those aged 30 and under.

Those now eligible will be able to book their first dose of the Covid vaccine at either their local health centre (preferably by phone), on the Andalucian Health Service (SAS) website, through ClicSalud +, via the telephone hotline (955 54 50 60), or through the Salud Responde mobile application.

The immunisations that will be administered will be the Pfizer or the Moderna jabs, the same as those already given to anyone up to the age of 39.

The Junta has also revealed that 10 per cent of those aged between the ages of 40 to 69, still need to be immunised. Efforts are being made to hold mass vaccination sessions that do not require an appointment and that use the single-dose Janssen vaccine, that like all the approved vaccines, is highly effective in preventing serious forms of Covid-19, including the Delta variant and other emerging variants.

In addition, the vaccination age for minors who go to study overseas is being extended to 12 years of age.

Those under the age of 18 are given the Pfizer vaccine.

To request a vaccine for those under the age of 18, you must send the requested documentation (that is detailed on the Andvac website) to the email authorised by the Ministry of Health and Families.

Regarding appointments to have your second dose of the vaccine, these can not be booked in the same way as mentioned above.

A second appointment date will, in most cases, be provided when you attend your first vaccination. If not, it will be sent to you after your appointment via SMS or a telephone call or via the ClickSalud+ in the ‘My Appointments’ section.

This week Andalucía will receive fewer vaccines than in previous weeks. Of the 470,180 doses received 80,800 will be from Janssen, 80,500 from Moderna and 308,880 will be from Pfizer.


Image Credit: Junta de Andalucia