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Covid vaccination Andalucia Spain’s Covid Incidence Rate Drops Below 500 For The First Time In A Month Health News

Spain’s incidence rate has fallen below 500 for the first time in over a month.

According to the latest figures published on Thursday by the country’s Ministry of Health, the national 14-day incidence rate stood at 483 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

This follows the news that there had been a further 17,410 new positive diagnoses.

The latest incidence rate represents a drop of over 30 per cent on the previous month. The 7-day rate also saw a significant drop and at 198 was under half of the 14-day figure with further increases expected in the coming days.

However, Spain is still not out of the woods and is a long way from getting on top of the pandemic. Latest figures show that none of the 19 regions has recorded a 14-day rate below the 250 mark, categorised as ‘extreme risk’.

Over the country’s regions, Asturias has the lowest figure of 283 infections per 100,000 citizens over the last 14 days.

The Canaries and the Valencian Community both stand at 406. The regions with the highest number of infections are currently the Canaries with 649, La Rioja 594 and Navarra with 563 per 100,000.

The capital Madrid has a rate of 539 with Andalusia currently standing at 524.

Infections by Age

The highest infection rates are still with those aged between 12 and 29.

Those in the age range of 12-19 have the highest incidence rate at 1,043, with those in the 20-29 group at 993.

Age 0-11: 488
Age 12-19: 1,043
Age 20-29: 993
Age 30-39: 526
Age 40-49: 343
Age 50-59: 304
Age 60-69: 267
Age 70-79: 214
Age 80+: 288

Hospitalisations and Fatalities

Figures from the Ministry of Health show that the country’s hospitals are still under a lot of pressure from the pandemic.

Currently, 8.06% of beds are being taken up by Covid patients with a total of 9,478 patients requiring hospital treatment. 1,921 patients are currently in ICU.

On a positive note, these numbers are lower than those published on Wednesday where 8.34% of beds were occupied by Covid patients. There were also more people requiring hospital treatment at 9,820 with 1,947 requiring intensive care.

Sadly the Ministry reported that another 87 people had lost their lives to the virus bringing the total since the start of the pandemic to 82,407. Over 4.7 million people in Spain have been diagnosed with the virus, however, the true number could be far greater.

Vaccination Progress

Spain has one of the most successful vaccination programs and to date over 29 million people have been fully vaccinated representing almost 62% of the population.

Over 34 million people have now had at least one dose which is 72% of the population.


Image Credit: Junta de Andalucia