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Spain Registers Highest Death Rate Since May As Delta Variant Takes Hold Health News

Spain’s Ministry of Health published their latest Coronavirus stats on Tuesday evening which showed that the number of Covid related deaths are now at their highest since May.

According to the ministry, the country recorded 190 new deaths bringing the total number to 83,527 since the pandemic began. This comes despite the fact that the number of new cases across the country has been falling in recent weeks.

The data shows that there were another 10,072 new Covid cases recorded over the previous 24 hours bringing the total number to a little over 4.8 million.

The more contagious Delta variant is now considered to be the most dominant strain.


With the fifth wave still being felt up and down the country, Spain's hospitals are still under significant pressure with 1,769 patients currently receiving intensive care. This equates to 19.3 per cent of all hospital beds.

Despite the high number, this is significantly lower than the same time last week where there were 1,907 patients in intensive care.

The number of hospital admission as a whole is also lower than last week, down from 9,191 to 7,959.

Looking at the data on a regional basis, there are some regions where the number of hospital admissions is still worryingly high. These are Catalunya with 1,779, Madrid with 1,611 and Andalusia with 1,227.

Incidence Rates and Fatalities

In terms of incidence rate for the whole country, the 14-day cumulative figure currently stands at 306 per 100,000 inhabitants. This is down markedly from last week's rolling figure of 398.

Looking at the 7-day rate this is well under half of the 14-day rate at 130 which is much lower than last week's figure of 162. As the vaccination program continues incidence rates are likely to fall further week on week.

Despite the following numbers, there are still only three regions where the incidence rate is currently below the 250 ‘high risk’ threshold which are Asturias with 140 cases, the Canaries with 209 and the Valencian Community with 244 cases in the last 14 days.

Vaccination Drive

Another 347,000 doses were administered on Monday. This brings the total number of citizens fully vaccinated against the virus to 31,653,643 which equates to 66.7 per cent of the population.

A total of 35,831,729 people have now received at least one vaccine dose, representing 75.5 per cent of the population.

Over 90 per cent of those over the age of 50 have now been fully vaccinated with 82.4 per cent of 40-49-year-olds also having received their full quota.

The final group to be vaccinated is those in the 12-19 year-old bracket. To date, just 16.4 per cent have been fully vaccinated with 61.7 per cent having already received at least one dose.

In the 20-29 age group 70.5 per cent have had at least one dose with 46.8 per cent being fully vaccinated.