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Carolina Darias Spain's Infection Rate Drops Below 200 As Target For Herd Immunity Moved To 90 Per cent Health News

Spain’s Coronavirus infection rate has fallen to its lowest number for the first time in over two months.

The latest data published by the country’s Ministry of Health on Friday showed that the Covid infection rate per 100,000 inhabitants has now fallen to 198.25.

This is significantly lower than the 250 number the health ministry considers to be the ‘extreme risk’ level.

However, it is important to note that the overall figure is only an average and that a number of regions are still well in excess of the extreme risk level.

According to the ministry data, some of the regions with the lowest numbers are currently

  • Asturias - 84 cases per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Canary Islands - 125 per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Valencian Community - 155 per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Catalunya - 162 per 100,000 inhabitants

In contrast, there are a number of regions where the regional authorities have struggled to get the numbers under control. These include:-

  • Melilla - 428 per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Ceuta - 394 per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Extremadura - 383 per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Pais Vasco - 267 per 100,000 inhabitants

The capital, Madrid is still currently well below the extreme risk threshold with 216, with Andalusia seeing even fewer infections at around 194 infections per 100,000.

New vaccination target set to 90 per cent for herd immunity

The fall in infections is a very positive sign and comes in the week that Spain reached its target of vaccinating 70 per cent of the population by the end of summer.

However, scientists now fear that the initial milestone may not be enough to create herd immunity given the emergence of the Delta strain of the virus. A figure of 90 per cent is now thought to be required but will only be achieved once the EMA (European Medicines Agency) gives the green light for the vaccination of those under the age of 12 who account for around 11 per cent of the Spanish population.

Overall, almost 34 million (71.5%) Spanish citizens have now been fully vaccinated with the number who have received at least one dose fast approaching 37 million.

Of Spain’s 19 autonomous regions, 14 have now seen the total number of those fully vaccinated surpass the 70 per cent national figure. These include Asturias (80.1%), Andalusia (72.5%), the Valencian Community (71.8%), the Canaries (70.9%) and Murcia (70.7%).

Looking at the different age groups, over 94 per cent of those over the age of 40 have now been fully vaccinated.

Of the individual groups, 100 per cent of those over the age of 80 have now been vaccinated, along with 98.5 per cent of those in the 70-79 group, 95.8 per cent in the 60-69 group and 92.2 per cent in those between the ages of 50 and 59.

At the other end of the age scale, around 39 per cent of those between 12 and 19 have now been fully vaccinated, with 63 per cent having received their full dose in the 20-29 group.


Image Credit: Pool Moncloa/Borja Puig de la Bellacasa