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Covid-19 vaccine Andalucia Vaccinates 768,938 With Third Jab As Covid Cases Surge Health News

Spain’s autonomous community of Andalucia has now administered 768,938 doses of the third Covid vaccine booster according to recently published data by the Junta.

Of those vaccinated with the booster, 627,937 have been given to those over the age of 70 years and those considered to be the most vulnerable.

Since the start of the pandemic, the region’s vaccination program has administered a total of 13,485,538 Covid vaccine doses within the community.

The latest Ministry of Health figures as published on Friday, November 19, shows that 6,871,390 of Andalucia’s citizens have now received at least one vaccination dose or 81.2% of the region’s population.

Furthermore, a total of 6,770,039 or approximately 80% of the region's 7,451,975 population have now been completely vaccinated with two doses. A total of 81.2% have now received at least one of the vaccinations.

However, it still means that 580,585 have still not received at least one of the vaccination doses.

As of Friday, Andalucia’s 14-day rolling cumulative incidence rate stood at 60.71 per 100,000 residents, making it one of the country’s lowest regions and a figure that is far lower than the national average of 111.95 cases per 100,000.

However, it is worth noting that Andalucia’s incidence rate just seven days ago stood at 41.34 cases per 100,000, which suggests a worrying trend in the number of infections, not only in the region but at a national level.

The worst performing regions with the highest number of cases per 100,000 residents are currently Navarra (311.4), País Vasco (236.39), Aragón (179.63), Cataluña (152.52) and Balearics (152.36).

Covid Situation in Spain and Europe

The number of infections in Spain has started to increase significantly in recent days, mirroring the situation that is currently being experienced in other parts of Europe.

As of Friday, November 19, a further 6,636 daily cases were added, bringing the total number to 5,080,663. Another six deaths were added nationally, meaning a total of 87,810 people in Spain have now lost their lives to the virus.

The World Health Organisation is now “very worried” about the recent rise across Europe as the continent battles with a fresh wave of infections.

Speaking to the BBC, Dir Hans Kluge, WHO regional director warned that another 500,000 deaths could be registered by March unless urgent action is taken.

He said that the wearing of masks would have an immediate impact helping to reduce numbers along with an increase in vaccine uptake and the implementation of basic public health measures.

"Covid-19 has become once again the number one cause of mortality in our region," he told the BBC, adding "we know what needs to be done" in order to fight the virus.

In recent days there has been unrest on many of Europe’s streets including the Netherlands and Austria where a national lockdown came into force on Monday following a worrying rise in the number of cases which have topped a staggering 1,100 per 100,000 people.

It has also led the Austrian government to impose a mandatory vaccination order which will start from February 2022. Details or how they plan to enforce the measures are still yet to be revealed.