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Jesus Aguirre, Junta de Andalucia Andalucian Health Bosses Warn Region Will Spend Next Week On Level One Health News

The Junta de Andalucia believe that the region “will possibly spend next week at level one with new restrictions”, said Jesus Aguirre, who then pointed out that “this time will tell us, also by area and health district.

The Andalucian Government has called for a meeting that will take place this Friday, November 26, with the High Impact Public Health Alerts Advisory Council. The aim is to analyse the evolution of Covid in the community, where there has been a rise in the incidence rate.

Currently, the region is on level zero but the situation could change over the coming days, as in the last 24 hours Andalucia has registered 783 new infections, the highest figure since September 6 when 1,298 cases were recorded.

Aguirre has demanded “absolute tranquillity” in the leisure sector in light of the new Covid ‘traffic light system’ that was approved by the Spanish government on Tuesday because Andalucia “has its own levels” and “will take the measures when they believe it to be appropriate.

When Aguirre was questioned as to whether the committee of experts, would on Friday, put in place some sort of restrictions, he stipulated that “what we are thinking right now is that the Covid passport is an instrument, especially in residential health and social health areas, that we can use to ensure that those who enter are sufficiently vaccinated.

I hope the TSJA grants it and we can apply for it as soon as possible,” he added.

With the Christmas period upon us, many are questioning whether or not mass gatherings and events will be allowed to go ahead. Trying to put things into perspective, Health Minister Carolina Darias stated that “with the Covid figures that are currently in Andalucia, we are relatively calm and we hope to have a Christmas as happy and familiar as possible.

Given today's latest figures, the rate of Covid-19 in Andalucia continues its upward trend and Darias said she “regretted that the rate is rising slowly, but steadily.

A situation in which the Andalucian Government admits to being “quite concerned” about “especially seeing the evolution in other European countries.

Since the beginning of the pandemic and according to data released by the Ministerio de Sanidad on November 24, the Andalucían region has registered 818,087 Covid cases.

Spain as a whole has recorded 5,111,842 cases since the start of the pandemic.


Image Credit: Junta de Andalucia