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Woman wearing face mask Spain Passes Covid 'High-Risk' Level With 305 Cases Per 100,000 Health News

The Spanish Ministry of Health reports that Spain has entered the ‘high-risk’ Covid-19 category, according to the Health traffic light system.

The report, which was released yesterday, Thursday, December 9, shows that the accumulated coronavirus incidence rate in the last 14 days has risen to 305.7 cases per 100,000 residents. This represents an increase of 15 points in just two days, as on Tuesday the figure stood at 290.1.

The Ministry of Health also claimed that the Autonomous Communities that maintain a higher cumulative incidence and are therefore at extreme risk of transmission, which is more than 500 cases, are Navarra with 956.30 cases per 100,000 residents, the Basque Country with 757.94 cases and Aragón with 591.47.

Another seven autonomous communities are at very high risk which are Asturias, the Balearic Islands, Castilla y Leon, Catalonia, Galicia, La Rioja and the Valencian Community.

Although the criteria, which is approved by the Public Health Commission of the Interterritorial Council shows that the incidence rate is at ‘high-risk’, however, for now, no new restrictions or measures are being proposed for the Christmas period. That is except for the vaccination of children between the ages of five and eleven and the request for a Covid passport in some regions.

Data also shows that since Tuesday of this week, another 26,412 new positive cases have been reported, 6,308 of which were detected in the last 24 hours and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) occupancy has reportedly risen by 11.3%.

The total number of patients that are currently in Spain’s ICU is 1,041 and the total number that have been hospitalised for covid is 5,479. In the last 24 hours alone there have been 624 admissions and 278 registrations.

At present, intensive care units of 17 Spanish regions have a pressure that is above the recommended threshold of 5%, in some cases, the percentages are close to 20%.

They include La Rioja with 20.7%, Navarra with 19.4%, the Basque Country with 17.3% and Catalonia with 20.2%. All of which are at the forefront of being in the highest occupancy of covid patients in ICU. They are followed by Aragon with 15.4%, Castilla y León with 15%, the Valencian Community with 13.9% and the Community of Madrid with 12.8%.

Since Wednesday, December 1, the average intensive care unit occupancy has risen from 8% to 11.3%.

A 7-day incidence rate of 157 indicates that the epidemic will continue to grow, as the 14-day incidence is already almost double that figure, at 305.7 cases per 100,000 residents.

By age groups, children under the age of 12 continue to show the most cases, with 533. That group is followed by the 40 to 49 year age group with 380 cases and those aged 30 to 39 years with 325.

A total of 1,079.130 diagnostic tests were also carried out in the week of November 29 to December 3.

They returned positive results totalling 8.81 per cent. The World Health Organisation (WHO) considers anything above 5%, as a pandemic out of control.

Spain as a whole has seen another 84 deaths from the virus since last Friday, December 3, which brings the total number of fatalities in the past week to 128. Official data also shows that there have been 88,321 Covid-19 deaths in Spain since the start of the pandemic, while 5,273,178 infections have also been recorded.