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Covid Rates Drop Across All Regions Of Spain Health News

Spain’s Covid cumulative incidence rate has fallen below 3,000 for the first time since January 10 in a sign that the country is starting to get to grips with the virus.

The 14-day infection rate has been consistently falling for the past two weeks, with the weekend’s figures showing that the rate had fallen a further 200 points to 2,879 cases per 100,000 citizens.

On January 17, this figure stood at a record 3,397, with the country’s health experts declaring that Spain had reached its peak of sixth wave infections.

Regional figures falling

In another positive sign, Ministry data also shows that the infection rate has fallen across all of the country’s regions.

However, the country is still considered to be at the high-risk level, with a number of regions still experiencing a high number of infections despite the success of the vaccination and booster jab campaigns.

There are currently nine regions that have a cumulative well above the national average. These are Aragón (4,510), Asturias (3,091), Cantabria (3,863), Castilla y León (3,003), Cataluña (5,112), Ceuta (4,051), Comunidad Valenciana (4,015), Murcia (4,173), Navarra (3,829) and País Vasco (2,992).

The region of Andalucía currently has the lowest number of infections per 100,000 with 1,020. This is followed by the Canary Islands with 1,422 and Madrid with 1,581.


Despite the reduction in infections, Spain’s hospitals are still coming under significant pressure with 18,735 people currently requiring hospital treatment for the virus which is almost the same as the figure two weeks ago at 18,821 when the infection rate was a lot higher.

Fortunately, the latest official figures appear to confirm that the Omicron variant is in fact less severe than previous strains of the virus with 2,107 people currently in need of intensive care compared to 2,251 a fortnight ago.

Those who have been hospitalised with Covid are now taking up 15.05% of the total beds with 22.28% of ICU beds being used by Coronavirus patients.

Vaccination campaign

The country’s vaccination campaign which has been the envy of Europe has been a major factor in tackling the impact of the virus.

The latest Ministry figures on Monday, January 31 show that the country has now fully vaccinated 38,289,398 citizens. This equates to 90.8% of all of those over the age of 12.

Around 60% of children between the ages of 5 and 11 have now received their first jab, while 91.64% of those over the age of 70 have received their booster dose.


Image Credit: La Moncloa