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Health Minister Carolina Darias Spain's Covid Infections Fall By 50% In Just One Day Health News

The number of Covid infections in Spain has fallen by more than half, the latest data from the Ministry of Health has shown.

On Tuesday, the ministry reported that there had been 22,194 new infections more than half the 48,778 infections reported on Monday in a sign that the country has turned a corner in its fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

14-day incidence rate continues to fall

Furthermore, in another positive sign, the 14-day incidence rate which is one of the most important indicators as to how the pandemic is progressing fell by another 52 points overnight, bringing the current figure to 735 cases per 100,000.

At the peak of the sixth wave, the number of cases had risen to an incredible 3,866 per 100,000 which suggests that the country’s vaccination campaign along with social restrictions have been successful in keeping the number of infections under control.

Autonomous regions

Many of the restrictions imposed by both the regional and central governments have now started to be lifted including the requirement to wear masks outdoors.

Tuesday’s official figures paint a clear picture as to how the pandemic is currently impacting each of Spain’s 19 autonomous regions.

The autonomous city of Melilla has the lowest number of infections with the 14-day number currently at just 392 cases per 100,000.

This is followed by Spain’s southern region of Andalucia which posted figures of 419.82, Castilla La Mancha with 500.79 and Madrid with 524.60 cases per 100,000.


The number of people admitted into Spanish hospitals due to Covid has also fallen dramatically since the start of the year, a time when the Omicron variant was taking hold.

On Tuesday, official data showed that there were 8,859 people in need of hospital treatment, compared to 12,339 on January 3.

The number of people requiring intensive care has also fallen considerably with 1,185 reported on Tuesday in comparison to the figure of 1,974 recorded at the start of the year.

The number of beds occupied by Covid patients has also dropped from 7.56% to 7.13% with ICU occupancy down from 13.20% to 12.77%.

Latest vaccination data

Many would say that the country’s vaccination program has been a huge success.

Tuesday’s figures show that 91% of all Spanish adults over the age of 12 have now been fully vaccinated against the virus with 92.8% having received at least one dose.

Sadly, a further 173 Covid-related deaths were recorded on Tuesday which was a big drop on the previous day when 464 fatalities were announced by the Health Ministry.

This brings the total number of deaths since the pandemic began to 98,635.


Image Credit: La Moncloa