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Spanish Pharmacies Now Offering Combination Covid And Influenza Tests Health News

Spanish pharmacies are now offering a self-diagnostic combination test which tells you whether you have Covid-19 or one of the two Influenza strains.

The tests which are very similar to the antigen tests that we have all become familiar with during the pandemic, will show whether you have Covid, Influenza A or Influenza B.

Although the number of Covid infections and deaths has been tumbling in recent months with most of the restrictions having now been lifted, there are still people dying due to complications of contracting the virus.

Spain’s health authorities have maintained their message that if you present with Covid symptoms, you should test yourself in order to take the necessary precautions to protect both yourself and others who may be more at risk.

Because many of the symptoms of the common cold or flu are similar to Covid, such as a runny nose, headaches, tiredness and aches and pains, many people will naturally believe that they have a cold or flu.

Fortunately, though, the new tests will clarify this, enabling the user to take the appropriate action.

What is the cost and availability of the tests?

The tests should be available from September 4 and will cost a maximum of €2.94.

The tests which look similar to the Covid antigen tests, but with two result windows, work in the same way, with results being indicated within 15 minutes.

It’s likely that demand for the tests will be greater with the arrival of Autumn when temperatures in Spain generally start to fall.

It comes as Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez recently announced that the Ministry of Health would soon start to administer new Covid vaccines that are adapted to the new variants.

The new vaccines which started to be received this week are expected to be available to the population from the end of September and early October. Those over the age of 80 and those in nursing homes are expected to receive the jab first.