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Drug Alert Triggers Removal Of Popular Chocolate Chip Cookies From Spanish Supermarkets Health News

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (Aesan) has raised an alarming alert regarding a batch of Gerblé gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. The French-manufactured cookies have been found to contain traces of scopolamine, commonly known as the drug burundanga, as well as the drug atropine. This development has prompted an urgent recall by Aesan.

Burundanga and atropine, pharmacological substances used in general anesthesia procedures, pose serious health risks when consumed in high doses. Symptoms can range from delirium and psychosis to muscle paralysis and even death. The affected biscuits bear the product number 51914913 and has an expiration date of September 20, 2023. The cookies are sold in 150-gram non-refrigerated cardboard packets.

The health authorities of Catalonia promptly notified Aesan about the contamination through the Coordinated System for the Rapid Exchange of Information (Sciri). Aesan emphasises that the company responsible for the production of the cookies has adhered to self-control measures and promptly reported the incident to the competent authorities. The priority is to ensure the safety of the population by removing any potentially harmful food from circulation.

It is crucial for consumers across Spain to exercise caution and refrain from consuming the affected product. Aesan has provided all available information to health authorities in other autonomous communities to facilitate the withdrawal of the contaminated cookies from all retail establishments.

Notably, there have been no reported cases of individuals affected by consuming the contaminated cookies, according to the European Food Alert Network (Rasff). However, this is the fifth food safety alert related to the detection of scopolamine in the European Union this year. Previous alerts involved teff flour, a gluten-free cereal predominantly grown in Ethiopia and Eritrea but also cultivated in the EU.

The recent recall follows a similar incident in June when Spain warned of the presence of burundanga and atropine in a batch of Gerblé gluten-free chocolate chip cookies made with teff flour. The affected batch originated from France and was distributed in France and Andorra.

While these alerts are serious risks, the exact number of individuals affected by consuming these products has not been officially reported. Aesan urges the public to remain vigilant and promptly return any purchased Gerblé gluten-free chocolate chip cookies from the affected batch (product number 51914913, expiration date: September 20, 2023) to the point of sale as part of the recall process. By taking swift action, consumers can ensure their well-being and contribute to maintaining the integrity of food safety standards.

SourceSpanish News Today