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Expats In Spain Set To Lose Free Subsidised Healthcare Health News

We have recently learnt that in yet another move to slash costs, the British government has decided that they will axe free healthcare abroad for expats who are under the state retirement age.

This will mean that unemployed expat men aged under 65 and woman under the age of 60, will no longer qualify for free healthcare within the European Economic Area, which in the past has been subsidised by the UK health system.

The changes are set to take place from the 1st of April 2014 and will mean that the UK will no longer reimburse another European country for costs incurred by non-working Brits abroad. This will ultimately save the UK an estimated £2 billion a year.

If you are a pensioner or currently hold a residual S1 form, then you will not be affected by the new changes until your current S1 expires. Likewise, if you are here in Spain on holiday, your EHIC card will cover you in the event of any emergency treatment you may need.

If you are living in Spain permanently and are currently unemployed, we fully recommend that you make provisions for your future health care requirements and take out health insurance here in Spain. Our own policies here at Health Plan Spain are affordable and can cover you and your family for any eventuality.

For further information on this news story, please check out the Daily Telegraph article here.