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Spanish Health Authorities Ready To Tackle Coronavirus Health News

Spanish health authorities have called for calm over the recent Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, which has spread rapidly across the world with an increase in cases in Europe.

It follows reports that in Italy where there have been 200 infections and five deaths to date, a number of events have been cancelled including the famous annual Venice Carnival.

There have been a number of cases in Spain in recent days with two incidents in the Basque Country coming back negative with two other patients currently being monitored for the potentially deadly virus.

It is thought that the two who are currently being monitored had both previously travelled to Northern Italy, which has seen a number of towns put on lock-down to help contain the spread.

Another patient in La Rioja is also undergoing treatment after showing symptoms of the virus following a recent visit to a footwear trade show in Milan.

Elsewhere, a number of other countries are struggling to get to grips with Coronavirus infections including Iran and South Korea, which has raised its alert to the highest possible level.

At a news conference on Sunday, Director of the Center For Alert And Emergency Coordination, Fernando Simón said, “Due to our contact with Italy, Iran and South Korea, we need to have a highly sensitive system in place to react if any suspicions arise”. He said that the country was “prepared for any possible scenario”.

However, Simón ruled out the possibility of the country closing its borders and implementing flight restrictions to contain the spread, something it is thought other European countries are currently considering.

Austrian authorities refused entry to a train on Sunday night after it was reported that two of the passengers were displaying symptoms of Corid-19. The train is thought to have been from Venice, on route to Munich, Germany.

However, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer later confirmed that the pair had tested negative for the superbug.

Spanish authorities are especially concerned by the outbreak in Italy given its geographical proximity to Spain and the high levels of movement of citizens between the countries.

The situation in South Korea is also a big concern for the Spanish health ministry due to the close ties between the two countries. Over the weekend, the country’s President Moon Jae-In said that the country faced a “grave turning point”, with the coming days a crucial period in its fight against the Corid-19 outbreak. To date, South Korea has reported seven deaths and over 600 confirmed infections, the highest number of cases outside of China.