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Valencia Health Authorities Confirm Spain’s First Coronavirus Death Health News

Regional health authorities in the Valencia region of Spain have confirmed the country’s first death from the Coronavirus.

The 69-year-old man died on the 13th of February at Valencia's Arnau de Vilanova hospital, although it was only discovered two weeks after his death.

At the time, the man was thought to have contracted Pneumonia after returning from a trip to Nepal. However, it was later discovered that his death was due to the Coronavirus and confirmed by regional health chief Ana Barcelo at a recent press conference on Tuesday.

The news comes as Spain’s Ministry of Health reported on Wednesday that there are now 179 people in the country infected with the deadly bug with numbers growing daily.

Madrid currently has the highest number of cases with 70 people thought to be infected and being monitored for the virus, this includes seven patients who are thought to be in intensive care due to complications arising from pre-existing medical conditions.

Meanwhile, a British woman staying at the H10 Costa Adeje hotel in Tenerife has been confirmed as the sixth person to be diagnosed with the virus at the hotel, according to local health authorities.

The woman tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday evening, however, she had not been isolated as she had not presented any symptoms said authorities.

Any guests who have not shown any symptoms have so far been allowed to circulate with other guests and use the hotel facilities such as swimming pools and shared dining areas.

However, this is on the provision that they wear masks, wash their hands frequently and agree to regular temperature tests.

The hotel is currently on lockdown with hundreds of holidaymakers placed in quarantine following the outbreak.

Health Minister, Salvador Illa has also confirmed that sporting events with a high presence of fans from risk areas would be held behind closed doors to help minimise the spread.

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