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The Top 8 nutritious foods in the world Health Tips

Everyone is aware which foods are best to stay away from aren't they!?. The temptation of donuts, Coca Cola or chicken nuggets and other processed rubbish give our bodies zero nutrition and a whole load of potential health risks further down the road of life. However, when we decide to make the change to intake only the good things - what are the best types that we can consume?. Certain experts in the subject always tell us that a variety of food will make the body tick to maintain a healthy constitution, but are you aware which ones are deemed as "simply the best?". The answers may not always be your choice but they'll certainly give you food for thought - Here they are!

1. Spirulina - (A Cyanobacteria made up from Arthrospira Platensis and Arthrospira Maxima). Spirulina is found in tropical and sub tropical lakes and was favoured as the main whole food of the Mesoamericans and Aztecs as far back as the 16th Century. In today's world it is used as a dietary supplement as well as a whole food. It can be bought in most licensed health food shops in either flake, powder or tablet form. This little beauty has more antioxidants than anything else available. It is also full of protein and minerals. As a result, this ultra rich combination makes it the most nutrient rich food type on our planet.

Spirulina Benefits:

  • Spirulina functions as an incredibly powerful appetite suppressant.
  • Improves the immune system which lowers the risk of serious illnesses.
  • An inhibitor of elevated blood sugar, reducing the effects brought on by diabetes.
  • Prevents physical exhaustion and muscular breakdown subsequent to intensive exercise.

2. Kale - (Brassica oleracea). Kale is a type of cabbage rich in Vitamin K, Lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene and Vitamin C. It also holds a gem of a chemical called Sulforaphane which has anti cancer properties and also Indole 3 carbinol which enables cell reparation whilst blocking the growth of cancerous cells. During World War II it was grown heavily in the UK to supplement rationing.

Kale Benefits:

  • Anti-Cancer agents.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Hemp Seeds - These seeds are extremely nutritious and contain fibre, anti-oxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals: basically everything your body requires. It's easy to use and easily digestible and tasty, too! The use of hemp for fibre production has declined sharply over the last two centuries due to corporate greed I'm sorry to say, but before the industrial revolution hemp was a popular fibre because it is strong and grows quickly.

Hemp Seed benefits:

  • Aids in the treatment of Gallstones, kidney degeneration, irregular menstrual cycles, glandular atrophy and acne.
  • Lowers blood serum cholesterol levels.
  • Lowers your blood pressure.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Stimulates skin, hair and nail growth.

4. Chocolate - Yes ladies, it's true! Cacao beans are so dense in nutrients that science boffins haven't even started to identify all the benefits in the little bean!!. Don't latch on to nearest Mars bar!! - the benefits are only acquired from raw cacao beans or very dark chocolate.

Cacao bean / Chocolate benefits:

  • Contains the highest level of magnesium than any other food source which aids the cardiovascular system thereby reducing high levels of hypertension.
  • Releases neuro chemicals that make you feel like you're in love!
  • Increases progesterone levels for those that suffer bad mood swings before menstruation.

5. Broccoli - (Brassica oleracea species) also part of the cabbage family is high in Vitamin C and fibre. Again, it is full of anti-cancer properties. Coupling this food together with other sources rich in myrosinase (like cabbage, Horseradish, watercress and Wasabi) aids the conversion of glucoraphanin into sulforamine which crucially remains in your bloodstream for longer whilst it works on all the cancer nasties. One more tip - dont boil it to death as this reduces its magical properties. Best to steam it for five minutes max or eat it raw.

Broccoli benefits:

  • Boosts DNA repair in cells.
  • Blocks the growth of cancer cells.

6. Spinach - (Spinacia oleracea) is Popeye's fave food and it hails from South West Asia. It became a popular vegetable in the Arab Mediterranean, and arrived in Spain by the latter part of the 12th century. It's rich in antioxidants, protein and fibre. It is notably high in Vitamin K & A. Only the fresh or frozen variety will suffice (stay away from the canned variety!).

Spinach benefits:

  • Significant protection against the occurrence of aggressive prostate cancer.

7. Chia - (Salvia hispanica) is a species of the mint family and is native to southern Mexico and Guatemala. The seeds are loaded with protein, fibre and omega fats. Chia can be used in soups, salads and sandwiches.

Chia Benefits:

  • Helps the body to process sugars.
  • Reduces Allergy symptoms.
  • Lowers high blood pressure.

8. Wild Blueberries - These little guys are supercharged and can compliment the most modest of breakfasts and healthy desserts. One agent found in wild blueberries is resveratrol; this chemical has anti-inflammatory properties, increases energy levels, lowers blood sugar and extends life. These are not outrageous claims, they are clinically studied and tested benefits of resveratrol.

Wild Blueberry benefits:

  • Anti cancer.
  • Anti heart disease.
  • Anti diabetes.
  • Anti Alzheimer’s.
  • Anti Depression.

Remember, despite James Bond's claims, you only live once and if you want to live it without too many complications then stay away from processed Mcgarbage and other well known offenders! Happy eating folks! ;)