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12 Easy Ways To Keep Cool And Get A Good Night's Sleep Health Tips

While the long hot summers can induce happiness, it can also lead to frustration and anger when it comes to sleeping. When the sunny days lead to hot and humid nights, it can be incredibly difficult to get a good nights sleep, especially during the months of July and August when it is usually hottest here in Spain.

Tossing and turning, sticking to the sheets and feeling incredibly uncomfortable can be a fact of life when living in a hot climate, but there are steps you can take to get you through the hot summer months and help you to awake feeling refreshed rather than completely drained.

Although having air-conditioning will help you to stay cool, it can be expensive to keep it running through the night and can lead to dry skin and a sore throat.

If you want a good night’s sleep during the summer months, consider some of these twelve top tips and tricks to keep yourself cool while sleeping.

1. Lightweight Over Luxury

Swap luxury bedding for simple, lightweight cotton. Cotton sheets are highly breathable, making them feel crisp and cool as well as providing much-needed ventilation. Opt for lightly-coloured cotton bedding to give your bedroom a cool, tranquil and calm appearance.

2. Cold Water Bottle

Dig out your hot water bottle from winter and instead use it to keep you cool. Fill the bottle with water and freeze. Pop the frozen water bottle in bed ahead of bedtime to give you crisp and refreshing sheets without them becoming damp.

3. Cool Breeze

Create a simplified air-conditioning system by filling a roasting dish or similar with water and freezing. Before bedtime, set the frozen dish in front of a fan. As the ice melts, the fan will disperse a cool-mist across the room.

4. Gel Comfort

Consider swapping your mattress for one with a gel layer on top or seek out a gel mattress topper to add to your bed. A gel layer works to regulate body temperature and keep you cool and comfortable while sleeping.

5. Hit the Shower

A cold shower can help to bring your body temperature down before bedtime which will help to prepare you for sleep. Furthermore, you’ll feel clean and fresh as you head to the land of nod.

6. Go for Grains

Buckwheat pillows can keep you cool as they don’t absorb heat like many other fabrics. Another grain option is to fill socks with rice and freeze them. These can then be used as a cold compress to dab over a hot brow and pulse points if you get too warm in bed.

7. Go Against the Grain

While eating late at night may be natural for you, it may be worthwhile swapping your eating habits when it gets particularly hot. A smaller, lighter meal earlier in the evening gives your metabolism a chance to work and recover in time for bed. Eating late will send your metabolism into overdrive, which can cause your body temperature to rise.

8. Sleep Selfishly

During hot nights, sleeping alone is best as it allows you to spread out to reduce body heat. If possible, sleep with all limbs spread out to let air circulate around the body. Avoid cuddling up which increases body heat, which makes it even harder to sleep.

9. Tech-free zone

All appliances will give out some heat, so try to make your bedroom an appliance-free zone. Furthermore, removing gadgets from the bedroom should help you sleep better too. Keeping technology out of the bedroom means it is always a calm space designed purely for restful sleeping.

10. Pre-hydration

Drinking a glass of water before bed helps to reduce the level of dehydration during the night. As hot nights lead to increased sweating, tossing and turning, you are more susceptible to dehydration. Counteract this by drinking a small glass of water before bed. As well as this, try to limit alcohol before bed, which can cause dehydration and raise body temperature, despite how refreshing it may taste.

11. Lay Low to Keep Cool

It's common knowledge that hot air rises. So with this in mind, it makes perfect sense to not sleep at the top of the house where it's hotter. Try placing your mattress on the floor or alternatively, sleep downstairs where it's generally cooler.

12. Turn Off the Lights

Like tech appliances, light bulbs can generate a significant amount of heat, which will only help to increase the temperature in the bedroom. Try turning them off and make use of the natural summer light instead.


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