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Cat and dog All Cats And Dogs In Spain To Have Mandatory Animal ID In 2022 Spain News

In 2022 it will be obligatory for your cat or dog to have an animal ID in Spain, as the General Directorate of Animal Rights plans to impose a DNI for pets.

In a previous article ‘Spain Proposes New Draft Bill For The Protection And Rights Of Animals’ we spoke about a few of the measures that are included in the new Law on Protection and Rights of Animals.

Another proposed measure that is being put in place to help protect our furry friends, is the need for cats and dogs to have an animal ID. The objective of the General Directorate of Animal Rights for creating the ID, which will become mandatory in 2022, is to have a national database.

Ione Belarra, the Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda expressed that it is imperative to have all pets identified to “ensure that we move on the right path and in a model where no animal is left to its own devices in Spain.

The new animal ID will be compulsory and a requisite for the identification of ‘companion animals’, cats and dogs. This will make it easier to fine and punish anyone that is found to be responsible for animal abandonment and cruelty.

The ID document will see lots of different information recorded, including veterinary treatment that the animal has undergone and vaccination schedule. As well as that, the document will have the coordination of all the autonomous communities.

It is not yet clear as to where the animal ID will be available from but the impression is that the management of the documentation will be entrusted to the autonomous communities, with a national database that will facilitate the exchange of data between different regions.

Another question still to be confirmed is whether the animal ID will be digital or physical. What is clear, however, is that the collected data of the animal including veterinary history and the owner's contact details must be recorded, so that if necessary the pet owner can be contacted.

It is quite probable that the DNI format will be electronic and compulsory for all pets. It is also expected that it will include a QR code so that the State Security Forces and Bodies can access the complete history of the animal.