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Spain Extends Entry Restrictions On EU And Schengen Area Nationals Spain News

Spanish authorities have announced that they will be extending the current restrictions that are in place on those entering the country from the European Union and Schengen Area countries.

The Ministry of Health said that the extended measures will apply from January 17 and will remain in force until January 23 with the list of risk and high-risk countries updated.

It means that anyone looking to enter Spain from EU and Schengen Area countries from countries on the risk list will need to meet certain rules in order to be allowed entry.

The current ‘risk’ list which will come into force from today, January 17 includes Austria, Italy, Belgium, Latvia, Bulgaria, Liechtenstein, Croatia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Czechia, Malta, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Portugal, France, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Sweden, Iceland, The Netherlands and Ireland.

In the previous extension parts of Romania were excluded from the list, however, following a recent surge in the number of Coronavirus cases, the whole country has now been applied to the list.

At present, all third countries are considered to be at risk unless they appear on the exceptions list. As of January 17, the following countries are excluded - Bahrain, Peru, Chile, Qatar, China, Rwanda, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, South Korea, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and Uruguay.

The Chinese administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao are also excluded as is Taiwan.

Under the current measures, anyone who has recovered from Covid or has been fully vaccinated against the virus may enter the country without having to follow any additional rules. This also applies to those from countries that appear on the risk list.

In a statement, the Ministry said, “If you come from a HIGH-RISK country, at the health controls on arrival in Spain, you will be required your SpTH QR code together with a vaccination or recovery certificate and, in addition, a SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic test certificate with a negative result.

Those under the age of 12 are not currently required to produce proof of their vaccination or recovery status, however, all passengers travelling to Spain including those under the age of 12 must continue to complete a Health Control Form regardless of their nationality.

If travelling via air, a health control form can be completed at

If entering Spain via sea, the health control forms can be completed at