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Air Traffic Controllers Strike Spain: When And Where Will They Take Place? Spain News

The Air traffic controllers strike in Spain that was scheduled for January and February will go ahead as no agreement has been reached.

The CCOO union confirmed the news on Friday, announcing that the first day of strikes will be today Monday, January 30, and will continue on every Monday in February. Meaning that flight operations on Monday the 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th of February will be affected.

According to the union, the meeting between the service providers in the privatised control towers, made up of FerroNats and Saerco and the workers’ representatives was "unsuccessful."

At the meeting, the workers asked for a 5.5% increase in their salary, however, Saerco put a proposal on the table to increase the pay for the years 2021 by 0 percent, 2022 by 1 percent, 2023 by 2 percent, and 2024 by 2.5 percent. The union said that this does not meet the expectations of the workers "as it falls far short of their proposal".

In the meetings that have been held so far, FerroNats has distanced itself from Saerco and has reportedly ‘reached out’ to try to reach an agreement. The proposal for the sectoral agreement is said to be very close to the final proposal of the unions, however, an agreement is difficult to reach as the employers’ organisation is split 50-50 between the two companies.

A total of 16 Spanish airports will be impacted by the strikes, as around 160 workers down tools.

However, according to the Ministry of Transport minimum services have been implemented, ranging from 18 percent to 84 percent, depending on the type of route. In the case of emergency flights, 100 percent will be operated. These include the transport of universal postal mail or perishable goods and the transfer of citizens or foreigners in the custody of police officers.

For commercial flights with routes running to or from non-peninsular territories, minimum services range from 52 percent in Lerida, to 84 percent in La Coruña. This depends on the estimated occupancy.

In regards to routes with foreign or Spanish cities, where the road journey time is at least five hours, minimum services will range from 44 percent in La Palma, to 57 percent in Alicante.
On routes where journeys can be replaced by other means of public transport in less than five hours, minimum services will be between 18 percent in Castellon and 30 percent in Vigo.

The airports that will be affected by the strikes at their air traffic control towers are as follows

A Coruña (LECO)
Alicante (LEAL)
Castellon (LECN)
El Hierro (GCEHI)
Fuerteventura (GCFV)
Ibiza (LEIB)
Jerez de la Frontera (LEJR)
La Palma (GCLA)
Lanzarote (GCRR)
Lleida (LEDA)
Madrid-Cuatro Vientos (LECU)
Murcia (LELC)
Sabadell (LELL)
Sevilla (LEZL)
Valencia (LEVC)
Vigo (LEVX)