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EU Unveils Plans To Introduce Digital Driving Licences Spain News

The European Commission has presented a proposal to modernise driving licence rules, including the introduction of a digital driving licence that will be valid throughout the EU.

Although thanks to the DGT app, it is possible in Spain to carry your driving licence on your smartphone, drivers from many other countries are still required to carry the old paper or card version.

The idea is that the introduction of the new digital licence, will allow drivers to access their licence via their mobile phones, as well as it being recognised by all EU traffic authorities, no matter what country you are driving in.

According to the website, the driving licence proposal will amend existing EU law, with the key objective being to improve road safety and reduce the death toll to zero by 2050.

Measures will include:-

  • A probation period of at least two years for new drivers after passing the test, and a zero-tolerance rule on drink-driving. This is essential, as even if young drivers only represent eight percent of all car drivers, two out of five fatal collisions involve a driver or rider aged under the age of 30.
  • Allowing young people from the age of 17 to take their test and begin to drive cars and lorries if accompanied, in order to gain driving experience.
  • Adapting driver training and testing to better prepare drivers for the presence of vulnerable users on the road. This will help improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as users of e-scooters and e-bikes as the EU transitions to more sustainable urban mobility.
  • The proposed changes in driving regulations include a more focused evaluation of medical fitness, considering the latest advancements in medical treatments for conditions like diabetes. Additionally, drivers will be encouraged to upgrade their driving skills and knowledge to adapt to the ever-evolving technological developments.

The authorities have stressed that by switching to an EU-wide driving permit, renewing or exchanging a driving licence will be easier. It will also be easier for citizens from outside of the EU, to obtain a European driving licence.

It is not yet known when the digital licence will be rolled out, as the European Commission still needs to give it the green light.