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Spanish Government Approves 400 Euro Youth Culture Voucher For 2023 Spain News

Spain’s Council of Ministers has given the green light to the 2023 ‘Bono Cultural Joven’ (Youth Culture Voucher).

The second edition of this initiative is aimed towards the 500,000 young individuals who will be turning 18 in 2023, offering them a 400 euro grant that can be used to purchase and participate in cultural products, services, and activities.

The primary objective of the Youth Culture Voucher is to encourage young people to have universal and diverse access to cultural products, cultivate habits of consuming cultural products, establish new audiences, boost demand, and reinforce the cultural sector.

Government spokesperson Isabel Rodriguez explained that "It is aimed at all young people, it is a way of celebrating their coming of age and its link with culture, for the construction of a more critical and committed society. I understand that some people may not need it and may not apply for it, but there are undoubtedly many Spanish families where access to culture and being able to dedicate this significant amount to their children is well received and valued”.

She also stressed that "the aim is for them to come of age with different leisure options and to assist an increasingly thriving industry in the country; the cultural industry".

Talking of the split of the funds, Rodriguez specified that the 200 euros can be spent on "arts, live shows, cultural heritage and audiovisual arts, for example tickets and season tickets for live music, performing arts, cinema, museums, libraries, exhibitions, festivals and bullfighting".

In addition, she explained that a maximum of 100 euros may be spent on physical cultural goods, such as "books, magazines, newspapers or other periodicals, as well as video games, musical scores or records,” and another 100 euros on digital or online consumption, i.e. "subscriptions to music platforms, reading, audio books, etc".

The Voucher is only valid at participating institutions and establishments, and the administration is executed via a dedicated technological platform.

Of last year's total, 3,000 businesses in Spain have already signed up to the initiative.

Applications are assessed on a first-come, first-served basis, and once the grant has been awarded, the entire 400 euros is disbursed in a single payment through a virtual prepaid card and the expenses will have to be made within 12 months of receiving the voucher.

Should the beneficiary of the voucher not have a compatible mobile device, a physical card may be issued.

To sign up, interested establishments should go to the following website that has been set up for this purpose