Alhaurin de La Torre Council Announces Tax Breaks For 2020 Spain News

Alhaurín de la Torre town council will approve this week tax breaks for large families and for those who drive less polluting vehicles.

Under the latest drive in sustainable development of the municipality, large families will enjoy a reduction of up to 60% on their IBI bills with drivers of eco-friendly electric or hybrid cars seeing a reduction of 50%.

IVTM (Road Tax)

One of the most significant changes to the tax ordinance is that of the IVTM road tax.

In a move to encourage people to drive more environmentally friendly vehicles, drivers of electric and hybrid vehicles will see a reduction of 50% from their vehicles yearly IVTM bill.

In addition to this, any vintage vehicles which are over 25 years old will get a 100% bonus with disabilities or reduced mobility also seeing a reduction.

However, the IVTM rate will rise for the majority of drivers and will increase from 1.7 to 1.895, the first revision in 11 years.

IBI (Property Tax)

Changes to the IBI tax will also be made with large families who have a home with a cadastral value of less than 150,000 Euros benefiting from a general reduction of 40% and for especially large families the percentage increases to 60%.

For large families with property valued between 150,000 and 175,000 there will also be a reduction of 20% and 30% depending on the size of the family.

For everyone else, the IBI tax rate will increase from 0.556 to 0.595% and ends seven consecutive years of freezing. It is also worth noting that the new rate will be a lot less than it was in 2008 and still below the 2013 rate when it was set at 0.75%. IBI for rustic property goes from 0.75 to 0.85%.

Councillor for Economy and Finance, Abel Perea stressed that the reviews demonstrated the commitment of the council in the development of the municipality, the environment and social assistance.