Mercadona To Clamp Down On Panic Buying Spain News

Spanish supermarket chain Mercadona is to clamp down on the recent spate of panic buying in its stores following the Coronavirus pandemic which has seen the country put on a State of Alarm.

Yesterday, the company sent out a statement to its customers saying that as from Monday, only one person from each family unit would be able to purchase from the stores at any one time.

It was also stressed that under the new measures, people would not be able to shop with friends in groups or with children. However, it was unclear how this would affect single parents who may have nowhere to leave their child.

It also requested that anyone from the at-risk groups including the elderly, not to visit the stores.

In another move, the chain has also reduced the opening hours of its 1,600 nationwide stores meaning that from Monday, they will be open from 9 am and close at 8 pm rather than the usual 9:30 pm.

In addition, the firm also announced that the capacity of the stores will be monitored and controlled by each of the store’s managers who will be supported by private security personnel. It is thought that the capacity of each store will range from between a maximum of 100 to 200 shoppers at any one time.

Shoppers will be encouraged to maintain social distancing with each other and keeping at least 1 metre apart.

Mercadona also asks that people spread out their shopping to different times of the day in order that the stores can guarantee that all customers can be served. People will also only be able to pay by card restricting the need to unnecessarily handle coins which could potentially exacerbate the spread.

In a recent tweet the company said that they would not be carrying out home deliveries in order to maintain security and would also not allow any returns. They also encouraged shoppers to “rationalise their fear”.

It comes after the country was put in a state of lockdown on Saturday night in order to help curtail the spread of the bug, which to date has killed almost 300 and infected over 7,800 people in Spain.

This has resulted in mass hysteria with many of the supermarkets in the country seeing large crowds of people queuing early in the morning outside the stores with many of them stockpiling and leaving shelves bare.

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