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Cover & Services

Cover & Services of Healthplan Complete

Specifically designed for expatriates living 50/50 between Spain and another European country, the HealthPlan Complete is a comprehensive all round policy with no co-payments giving you the reassurance of seamless health insurance all year round.

The HealthPlan Complete includes full cover within the Sanitas network of doctors and hospitals and you pay nothing towards the costs. It then gives you 500,000 to spend outside the network in Spain and in your second European country, for which it becomes a 90% reimbursement policy*.

The limit for time spent outside of Spain is 6 months per year.

This policy also includes 10,000 worldwide travel assistance via Europ Assistance.

The HealthPlan Complete is also suitable if you are thinking of transferring your cover from BUPA U.K. or BUPA Global. For more information on BUPA transfers please click here

Please note: the HealthPlan Complete is suitable for residency / N.I.E. or visa applications.

COVID-19 Coronavirus (COVID-19):
Coronavirus (COVID-19) is fully covered on this policy. For more information please click here
Cover in a second European country Second Country Cover:
Cover in a second European country as well as in Spain
service providers Choose Service Provider:
Choose from a wide range of service providers - access to over 50,000 specialists and 700 private centres throughout Spain.
Doctors who speak your language Online Acccount:
Your own online account where you can find doctors / hospitals / specialists within the Sanitas network who speak your language.
Multi-lingual member support Multi-lingual Support:
Multi-lingual member support both online and over the telephone.
Policy documents Policy Documents:
Policy documents are available in English or Spanish
Top professionals Extensive Network:
With Sanitas you have access to an extensive network made up of top professionals covering every aspect of your health, offering the best treatment and medical services available in Spain.

What is covered?

Medical Fees Medical Fees:
100% cover of medical fees within the network / 90% cover of medical fees outside of the network in Spain
Cover choice Cover choice:
Initial choice of either 100% cover with BUPA in the U.K. OR 90% cover in any other designated european country*
Medical specialties Primary Healthcare + hospitalisation:
Including general medicine, nursing services, emergencies.
Diagnostic tests Access to all medical and surgical specialties:
Cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, traumatology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, oncology, psychiatry etc.
Surgery Surgery:
Inpatient and outpatient
Diagnostic tests Diagnostic tests and therapies:
Clinical analysis and tests including antenatal care, MRI/CAT scans, ultrasound, x-rays, endoscopies, mammograms, smear tests etc.
High tech therapies High tech therapies:
Including rehab, cancer treatments, respiratory, radiotherapy, speech therapy etc.
Total assistance throughout Spain Psychology services:
Treatment for issues such as anorexia, stress, depression, marriage counselling and insomnia.
Single Room Single Room:
A single room with a bed for your visitor when you are hospitalised (except for Psychiatric hospitalisation).
Travel Assistance Travel Assistance:
In collaboration with Europ Assistance - up to a limit of 10,000 per person, per claim. More information
Basic dental cover Basic dental cover:
including checkups, x-rays, simple extractions and yearly teeth cleaning. If you need more comprehensive dental cover we have a range of options for you to choose from.
Extra Options

Extra Options

Dental Coverage Sanitas Dental
Gives you 60 different dental services plus a discount of 40% for all other services. (must be taken by all insured)
Dental Coverage Dental Milenium (without co-payments)
Our Milenium dental plan includes 30 different services plus a discount of 40% for all other services (must be taken by all insured)
Get 24/7 access to doctors via video consultation, medication delivered to your location, request instant appointments and more (can choose which insured have the option).


Is Corona virus (COVID-19) covered on this policy?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is fully covered on this policy. For more information please click here

Can I use the HealthPlan Complete outside Spain?

Yes. The HealthPlan Complete will cover you in another European country of your choice on a 90% reimbursement basis. If your second country of choice is the United Kingdom and you use BUPA then the reimbursement level goes up to 100%.

Do I have to pay co-payments on the HealthPlan Complete?

No. There are no co-payments with the HealthPlan Complete.

What are pre-existing conditions and how do they apply to the HealthPlan Complete?

Pre-existing conditions relate to previous pathologies prior to the date of you contracting the HealthPlan Complete. If you have declared any pre-existing conditions on your application for the HealthPlan Complete one of our doctors will call you in confidence. From there a personal assessment will be made, which will guarantee the fairest and most comprehensive assessment of your health.

Does the HealthPlan Complete cover antenatal care or childbirth?

Yes. The HealthPlan Complete will cover your antenatal consultations, diagnostic tests. Childbirth is covered as long as you fall pregnant after becoming a member.

Are there any qualification periods and how do they apply to the Complete plan?
Qualification Periods
All vital emergencies
Outpatient surgery
3 months
High tech diagnostic tests
6 months
Other therapeutic methods
6 months
6 months
Sterilisation / Vasectomy
8 months
Hospitalisation (incl. childbirth)
8 months
Hospitalisation with surgery
8 months
Bariatric surgery
70 months
Is there an age limit on becoming a HealthPlan Complete member?

There is a contractual age limit of 74 years of age. After the age of 75 a one-off joining fee will initially be made when purchasing the HealthPlan Complete. There is no upper age limit for cover once contracted. There is no contractual age limit or joining fee if you are tranferring from BUPA U.K. or BUPA Global.

Are there any discounts as a HealthPlan Complete member?
Payment Frequency
Annual payment
Bi-annual payment
The HealthPlan Complete mentions something about dental, what dental cover is included with this plan?

Within the HealthPlan Complete there are a few dental services including: cleaning once a year, consultations, X- rays and extractions. If you need more comprehensive dental cover then please see our range of dental plans here

Is repatriation to my country of origin included?


What documents do you need from me?

Nothing for now, however, we will need you to complete the application form.

Terms & Conditions

Premium from €0,00

Premiums for policies starting 01/01/2022 valid until 31/12/2022. All premiums are subject to 0.015% Insurance Compensation Consortium tax. Maximum age to contract this policy is 75 years of age. Real time quotes will vary depending on age and the place of residence of the insured. Terms and conditions apply.


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