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How Can I Check The Status Of My Residency Application In Spain? Expat Tips

If you're considering applying for residency in Spain, it's essential to understand the process and know how to check the status of your application. Spain has become a popular destination for expats due to its warm climate, rich culture, and high standard of living. However, navigating the bureaucracy involved in obtaining residency can be challenging, particularly if you're not familiar with the process.

Thankfully, checking the status of your residency application doesn't have to be a daunting task. In this article, we'll walk you through the different methods of checking your residency application status in Spain. Whether you've applied for a work visa, a student visa, or a retirement visa, we'll show you how to stay on top of your application and ensure a smooth process.

There are two methods that you can use to track your residency application. These are:-


Spain’s public administration has a web page that you can use to track the progress of your residency applications.

Once at that page, navigate to the bottom and click the button that reads “Acceso al procedimiento de consulta”.

Next, you will be presented with a page with two options.

One is for those who have already signed up and have an @Clave electronic identity and the other is a form you can use to enter your credentials.

Click the button “Consultar con Formulario” and you will then be presented with a simple form.

Here you will need to enter your NIE number, the date you submitted your application and your date of birth.


If this is unsuccessful, you are advised to contact the consulate at which you made the application or your local extranjeria office.

SMS Text

To use the SMS tracking service, send a free message to 600124377 with the word ‘NIE’ followed by a space and your NIE number, for example, ‘NIE X00000111L’.

Make sure to include the space between ‘NIE’ and your actual NIE number. If you don't have a NIE, you can still use this system by sending an SMS with the word ‘EXPE’ followed by a space and your expediente number, which should have exactly 15 characters. For example, ‘EXPE 280020101234567’.

Automated Phone Service

Alternatively, you can call 902 02 22 22 to use the automated phone service and check your application status. Simply follow the audio instructions to navigate the system and get updates on your residency application.