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Family at the airport UK Rolls Out NHS Covid Pass For 12 To 15-Year-Olds For International Travel Health News

On Monday, December 13, the UK announced that it would be rolling out its NHS Covid Pass to facilitate international travel for 12 to 15-year-olds.

This move follows the UK governments recent decision to extend the vaccination programme to include an offer of both vaccine doses to those aged between 12 and 15 years.

It coincides with a recent announcement by the Spanish government that anyone over the age of 12 from the UK and travelling to Spain would need to be fully vaccinated.

The move by the UK government will mean that anyone between 12 and 15 who has been fully vaccinated will be able to obtain the NHS Covid Pass letter to demonstrate their vaccination status when travelling to Spain and other destinations.

The pass will also mean that youngsters travelling to Spain will be able to enter certain establishments such as restaurants, bars and other venues as in many regions it is now a requirement to provide proof of vaccination.

The UK’s Health and Social Care secretary Sajid Javid said, “From today, I can confirm the NHS COVID Pass is being rolled out to 12 to 15-year-olds for international travel, allowing even more people to be able to prove their vaccination status for travel where it’s needed.

The services can be obtained by calling 119 in the UK or visiting the NHS.UK website. Passes will then take around seven days to arrive.

The official UK government website said, “The move will enable families to plan holidays in 2022 with greater confidence, as parents can be reassured they will be able to evidence their child’s vaccination status once they have had both doses of the vaccine.

However, CEHAT, the Spanish Confederation of Hotel Associations expressed its dismay at the Spanish government and the European Commission’s decision to require British 12 to 16-year-olds to be fully vaccinated.

CEHAT says that the decision will mean “tens of thousands of cancellations of British reservations in Spain” will be the result given that the vaccination of this age group in the UK only began some weeks ago and does not allow sufficient enough time for the majority to be fully jabbed.

The UK government website says, “The vaccination programme will be extended to offer all children aged 12 to 15 a second dose of an approved vaccine no sooner than 12 weeks after the first dose following the government’s acceptance of JCVI advice on 29 November.