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Experts Warn Of Unleashed Tiger Mosquitoes Spreading In Spain Health News

The National Association of Environmental Health Companies (Anecpla) has sounded the alarm on an "unleashed" surge of tiger mosquitoes, attributing this trend to the ongoing summer heatwaves in Spain.

Anecpla, an association focused on environmental health, emphasised that rising temperatures not only accelerate the tiger mosquito's life cycle but also expedite the development of the diseases it can carry. Dengue, Zika, chikungunya, and other viral infections pose significant risks due to these insects.

Beyond the impact of climate change-driven temperature spikes, Anecpla pointed out the remarkable adaptability of the tiger mosquito as another key driver of its rapid proliferation. While humidity is essential for their reproduction, these mosquitoes can also breed in less humid environments. The female's ability to lay eggs in multiple water collections further complicates containment efforts.

Jorge Galván, Anecpla's General Director, stressed the need for a comprehensive approach involving local authorities and the public to enhance surveillance, prevention, and control measures. Galván highlighted Spain's pivotal role as a critical global transit point for these insects.

To combat the mosquito menace, Anecpla offered five practical recommendations for curbing their reproduction and spread within private residences and gardens:

1. Regularly empty water from flowerpot saucers.
2. Refresh water in plastic pools and cover them during downtime.
3. Maintain cleanliness in gutters and drains to prevent water accumulation.
4. Frequently refill pet water dishes.
5. Safeguard objects that might collect water with appropriate coverings.

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