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Planes in sky with sun Travellers From Spain And US Could Be Added To UK Red-List Spain News

It has been reported that UK officials are considering adding Spain and the US to its list of ‘red-list' countries this week.

Both Spain and the US have seen new mutations of the Coronavirus transmitted locally and border Portugal and South America, which are currently on the UK’s red list.

The move would mean those travelling into the UK from those countries would have to stay in Government approved hotels on arrival at a cost of around £1,750 per person.

Currently, any UK nationals or residents who return from any of the 33 red list countries where the new variants are in circulation, must provide a PCR test taken within the last 72 hours and are then required to quarantine for up to 10 days at one of the hotels.

Guests must take a PCR test after two and eight days. Those who are negative can then leave after 10 days. However, those who test positive are required to quarantine at the hotel for a further eight nights at the cost of £152 per day.

The new hotel quarantine measures came into force earlier this week and are aimed at reducing the risk of further contagion from new mutant strains that could potentially enter the UK from abroad.

Next week, the Cabinet’s Covid Operations Committee will scrutinise the latest data on the potential risks of the new variants from Spain and the US and then decide whether they should be placed on the list.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson told The Daily Telegraph: “If more countries are added to the ‘red list’, and passenger numbers from ‘red list’ countries start to increase, then we are prepared to put in place managed quarantine facilities at the required airports.

"We are monitoring the situation closely, and have extensive contingency plans dependent on the changing situation.

If the measure is approved, it will be another bitter blow to holidaymakers and second-home owners here in Spain who traditionally flock to Spain during the Summer months for a break.

It comes as Spain enforces its own restrictions on those travelling into the country from Brazil and South Africa.

Spain’s new Minister of Health, Carolina Darias announced that from midnight on February 22, passengers on flights from these countries will need to quarantine for 10-days.

The news comes as health authorities reported a further 10,829 new Coronavirus cases and 337 deaths on Wednesday.

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