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Beach in Majorca Spain Will Lift Travel Ban For UK Arrivals On March 30 Spain News

Spain will lift the current restrictions on arrivals from UK travellers on March 30 it was announced on Tuesday.

The entry restrictions have been in place since December 22 in an attempt to contain the spread of the Coronavirus and prevent the introduction of further mutant strains from the UK.

Previous restrictions had been extended on six separate occasions over a three month period with the current ban which was introduced on March 9, due to expire on March 30.

The decision by the Council of Ministers to lift the restrictions will mean that arrivals via air and sea will now be permitted.

Currently, only Spanish nationals and Brits living in Spain permanently are allowed to travel into the country.

A spokeswoman for the Spanish government, Maria Jesus Montero said that restrictions on arrivals from Brazil and South Africa would remain in place until April 13 in order to prevent further contagion.

She said, “Spain is a safe country that is strictly following the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the experts,” she told the Europa Press news agency.

Any passengers arriving in Spain from the UK will need to present a negative PCR test which needs to be taken 72 hours before travel.

The news comes despite a recent change in policy announced by the British government which will come into effect from Monday. Under the new restrictions which will be reviewed in April, anyone found travelling for holidaying purposes will be fined £5,000.

However, under a new clause in the restrictions, 'reasonable excuses for travel' will be permitted for those who own a second home in Spain or who are in the process of renting or buying a property in the country.

It comes as the Spanish authorities have come under increasing criticism due to their decision to enforce regional lockdown restrictions on their own citizens over the Easter period while allowing European travellers to enter the country.

The decision has led the European Commission to request coherence from the Spanish government in regard to disparities in restrictions for domestic and international arrivals.