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Euro coins Spain's Guardia Civil Warn Public Of Euro Coin Scam Spain News

Scams that attempt to steal our money are on the rise with text messages, emails, websites and similar digital media all used to trick us into parting with our personal credentials.

However, many scammers are still using more rudimentary tactics to make money from us.

Spain’s Guardia Civil recently took its Twitter account to warn the public of a euro coin scam con-artists are currently using to trick the public.

The authority said that they have identified a number of coins in circulation which at first glance look like a euro coin but are actually from other countries and worth far less.

The police force said that the coins which have a gold outer band and silver centre are being distributed by professional thieves as the weight, shape and colour of the coins is almost identical to the legal tender euro coins.

"They look like euros, but they are foreign currencies whose value is much lower. Be careful and #QueNoTeTanguen,” the Guardia Civil warned.

Commonly used coins are the twenty Jamaican dollar coins which equate to around 0.11 euros. The Dominican Republic’s five peso coin which is worth even less at just 0.076 euros, the Venezuelan Bolivar which is worth only 0.19 euros.

If you are really unfortunate, you may end up holding an Argentine peso coin which may look similar to a euro coin but is actually worth just 0.0085 euros.

The Guardia also recently warned of scammers attempting to offload coins which appear to be two euro coins. These take the form of the Thai baht, the Egyptian pound, the hundred Chilean pesos or the Bulgarian lev, all of which have a similar appearance but are worth a lot less than.