MPs Back Boris Johnson’s Deal To Leave EU By 31 January Spain News

MPs have overwhelmingly backed Boris Johnson's Brexit deal for the UK to leave the EU by 31 January.

They voted with a large majority of 124 with 358 voting for the new Brexit bill and 234 against.

The result was expected after the recent General Election victory in which the Conservatives won with an 80 seat majority.

Johnson told MPs, "The new bill ensures we depart on 31 January. At that point Brexit will be done. It will be over,".

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn ordered his Labour MPs to vote against the bill, however it is believed that six still went ahead and backed the government's plan.

The Labour leader said, "Labour will not support this bill, as we remain certain there is a better and fairer way for this country to leave the EU."

MPs also backed a timetable on an extended debate on the new bill, which will take place over three days on the 7th, 8th and 9th of January.

MPs believe that the country is now "one step closer to getting Brexit done" and expect the new bill to be put into law by the 31 January deadline.

The new bill will mean that any extension to the transition period which is currently set at December 2020, will be banned under the new legislation.

Boris Johnson will now seek to negotiate a new trade agreement with the EU and will have by the end of the transition period to do so.

If an agreement cannot be made, the UK could still possibly leave the EU with a no-deal. Something many millions of Brits both home and abroad will not want.